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Rogue Monster Lite RML-390FULLW Fold Back Wall Mount Power Rack vs Rogue RML-390C Power Rack 3.0

Posted May 15, 2023
Cover Image for Rogue Monster Lite RML-390FULLW Fold Back Wall Mount Power Rack vs Rogue RML-390C Power Rack 3.0

When it comes to reliable power racks, you can't go wrong with either of Rogue Fitness' Monster Lite RML 390 Fullw Fold Back Wall Mount Power Rack and RML 390c Power Rack 3.0. Both offer solid construction, heavy-duty durability and an exceptional range of versatility, so regardless of your choice you're sure to pick up a winner. But what sets these two apart, and which one is right for you? Let's dive in and compare the two.

First off, the frames. Both the Monster Lite and the RML 390c are constructed from 11-gauge steel for superior strength, but the difference lies in their dimensions. The Monster Lite has a narrower 2” x 3” frame that makes it ideal for smaller home gyms or studios, while the extra wide 3” x 3” frame of the RML 390c is more appropriate for commercial settings.

Next, let's look at the safety features. Both racks provide precise Westside hole spacing for better control and security, plus heavy-duty J-cups to catch your barbell at the completion of your lift. However, the RML 390c features a custom spotter arms and a pin/pipe safety system, so you'll always have extra confidence when you work out.

In terms of customization and accessories, the Monster Lite and the RML 390c both offer plenty of options. With the Monster Lite, you can add any one of Rogue Fitness' half racks, packers, and pull-up systems. The RML 390c provides more configurations and expansions, including a fold-back wall mount system, safety strap bars, weight horns, and an adjustable fat/skinny pull-up bar.

At the end of the day, it really just comes down to what works for you. If you have limited space or mainly work out at home, the Monster Lite might be the better option. But if you're looking for more security and flexibility, then you'll want to invest in the RML 390c. Both are great power racks and should serve you well, so just make sure to pick the one that better fits your needs.