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Prime Fitness's Top 10 Highest Rated Products for Your Home Gym

Posted May 14, 2023
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Are you looking to upgrade your at-home gym? If you're serious about achieving your fitness goals, then you'll need the proper equipment and gear that Prime Fitness has to offer. As one of the top-rated fitness suppliers online, Prime Fitness has the best selection of equipment to help you reach your goals with confidence. From barbells to free weights, they have it all and their products have consistently proven to be of superior quality. In this blog, we’re taking a look at the top ten highest rated products that Prime Fitness has to offer. We’ll be going over the Prime Trap Bar with KAZ Handles Pair, Prime Cyclone Cups Buy One Get One Free (2 Cups), SW Solos Bundle, Elbow Pads, Leg Ext/Leg Curl Combo 1, Evolution Shoulder Press, Hybrid Pec Fly, Hybrid Abdominal Crunch, Test DS and Hybrid Inner Thigh/Adductor.

1. Trap Bar | KAZ Handles | PAIR
Trap Bar | KAZ Handles | PAIR

The Prime trap bar with Kaz handles is one of Prime Fitness's best products because it is designed to offer optimal lifting and lifting comfort. Its handles are carefully angled to put the lifter in the safest and most advantageous position, while the ergonomic design of the trap bar makes it easier for users to move the weight more efficiently during deadlifts and shrugs. Additionally, the trap bar features thick walls and knurled handles for added stability and grip, making it optimal for a wide range of athletes and users.

Pros & Cons


• High-quality customization options for a unique and comfortable fit

• Ergonomic angled steel handles provides stability and durability

• Easy to use and maneuver

• Compatible with most trap bar designs and brands

• Secure rubber grips to increase safety


• Expensive compared to other trap bar options

• Design is bulkier, making it more difficult to store

• Not suitable for Olympic plate weights

2. Cyclone Cups | BOGO | 2 cups
Cyclone Cups | BOGO | 2 cups

The Prime Cyclone Cups are one of Prime Fitness's best products because they provide an extra layer of support and cushioning during explosive lifts while preventing wrists and forearms from feeling fatigued. The materials used in this product are designed to be flexible yet strong, allowing for unrestricted, natural movements during exercises. Additionally, the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure fit for every user.

Pros & Cons


• Made of rubber

• Buy one get one free

• Portable

• Great for storing and shaker cups

• Lightweight


• Not dishwasher safe

• May be too large for some athletic bags

• May not fit some cup holders

• Rubber material may be too thick for some users


The SW Solos Bundle from Prime Fitness is one of their best products because it is a complete bodyweight fitness system that provides an effective workout strategy for both home and gym use. It includes five individual workout stations, each designed to improve strength, endurance, and flexibility. The package also includes simple-to-follow instruction manuals and DVD. The combination of these makes the SW Solos Bundle perfect for anyone looking for an effective way to get in shape and stay that way.

Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic design reduces your risk of injury

• Adjustable seat and backrest to suit your posture and comfort

- Long product life due to heavy-duty Construction

• Self-powered generator in the base generates electricity while exercising

• Compact and portable size makes it easy to transport


• High price point given the features included

• Limited accessory options available

• Not suitable for multiple people or heavier users

• Potential for noise from the generator

4. Elbow Pads | Adjustable Bench
Elbow Pads | Adjustable Bench

The Prime Fitness Elbow Pads are one of the best product the company offers because they provide excellent cushioning and comfort for arms to prevent injury and reduce strain while doing workouts. These pads are made up of dense foam and are molded to snugly fit to the arms providing superb comfort. Furthermore, they have an adjustable strip with plastic snaps that ensure perfect fit and prevents them from shifting out of place. The durability of the pads is another great feature as they can easily withstand wear and tear and provide long-lasting service.

Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and durable

• Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and support

• Easy to put on and take off

• Universal size fits most

• Good protection against sudden jolts and bumps


• Could cause excessive sweating due to thick material

• May be too bulky for some users

• Not suitable for high-intensity activities

• Initial sticker price may be too expensive for some

5. PLATE LOADED | Leg Ext/ Leg Curl Combo
PLATE LOADED |  Leg Ext/ Leg Curl Combo

The Prime Fitness Leg Extension and Leg Curl Combo is one of the best products on the market because it offers gym-quality construction and provides a combination of both leg extension and leg curl exercises in one machine. Featuring a dual weight stack design, it is a great space-saving solution and allows users to perform separate exercises separately. It also features comfortable and supportive design features, such as adjustable 5-Y padding, adjustable starting positions, and adjustable resistance.

Pros & Cons


• Durable steel Construction

• Adjustable thigh pads ensure a secure fit

• Compact and efficient design saves space

• Can be used for leg extensions and leg curls

• Lower frame reduces stress on the user’s lower back

• Includes simple lockout feature

• Multi-position, converging axis of movement

• Can be easily adjusted for different users


• Expensive

• Not appropriate for heavier trainees

• Limited range of motion for certain exercises

• No adjustable seat

• Locks may not be very secure

6. EVOLUTION | Shoulder Press
EVOLUTION | Shoulder Press

The Evolution Shoulder Press is one of Prime Fitness's best products due to its innovative design and durable construction. The press is designed with a dual telescoping back pad and height adjustable seat that enables multiple angles of motion and angles of resistance, allowing for maximum range of motion and a comfortable fit. Additionally, its weight plates are positioned steeply on an angled leg support to reduce the risk of injury. Its pivoting press arm with safety knobs allows you to customize your range of motion, while its clean-line design keeps it from taking up excess space in your gym. Overall, the Evolution Shoulder Press is a great product for any strength training enthusiast.

Pros & Cons


- High-quality Construction, built to last

• Plate-loaded weight stack encourages natural strength development

• Unilateral press arms allow you to focus on specific muscles

• Strategically placed handle gives you greater stability during workouts

• Height-adjustable seat makes it comfortable for users of any size

• Angle-adjustable press arms can be adjusted to target different muscle groups

• Easy-to-read weight indicator so you always know how much weight you're lifting


• Weight plate holders can be difficult to access with limited space around the machine

• Not as many adjustable options as other shoulder press machines

• Price tag may be too expensive for some people

7. HYBRID | Pec Fly
HYBRID | Pec Fly

The Prime Fitness Hybrid Pec Fly is a top-notch exercise machine that provides an unique way to target and strengthen the chest muscles. Its adjustable handles and lightweight design allow for a full range of motion while providing optimal form and optimal comfort. Its thick and comfortable padding ensures that users get a firm and strong grip on the bar while doing the exercises. It features durable construction and quiet operation so that you can enjoy your workout in peace. This makes it one of the best fitness products on the market.

Pros & Cons


• Smooth, biomechanically correct design

• Dual handle system for better range of motion

• Wide range of motion for pec workouts

• Ability to reduce shoulder stress by isolating shoulder movement

• Pulley system for increased resistance


• Limited dual-rope exercises

• No weight-stack capability

• No adjustable seat

• Not suitable for very large individuals

8. HYBRID | Abdominal Crunch
HYBRID | Abdominal Crunch

The Hybrid Abdominal Crunch from Prime Fitness is one of their best products because it combines two of the most effective core-strengthening abdominal exercises: the crunch and the sit-up. It provides leg supports that allow the user to perform full range of motion exercises with their upperbody, and a safety strap to keep them secure. The adjustable resistance sets allow the user to customize their workout and make it increasingly more challenging. The adjustable swivel angle also allows the user to target different core muscles, further customizing their workout. This product is designed to withstand heavy use and is made with durable materials.

Pros & Cons


• Low profile design allows for easy to fit into most home gyms

• Ideal for developing abdominal strength and endurance

- High quality Construction for heavy-duty use

• Sturdy base for balance and stability

• Multiple adjustable settings for use in different body positions

• High weight capacity of 400 lbs


• Limited range of motion

• Does not incorporate obliques or lower back muscles

• Limited warranty coverage

9. Test ds
Test ds

Prime Fitness's Test DS is one of the best products because it's designed for advanced strength and power training programs. It gives athletes the ability to work out with heavy weights, while providing the much-needed stability, balance and control. The base features an adjustable platform height design and can accommodate any size barbell up to 375 lbs. The platform is constructed of high-grade material to withstand heavy loads and to prevent injuries. The offset design of the platform minimizes pressure points and keeps the athletes stance stable during lifts. It also has a wide range of motion to accommodate every athlete.

Pros & Cons


• Sturdy frame that can handle up to 700lbs

• Compact and low profile design

• Adjustable safety stoppers

• Detailed instructional manual and video

• Commercial grade linear bearings


• Does not include a pulley system

• Limited color selection

• Expensive option to purchase locally

10. HYBRID | Inner Thigh
HYBRID | Inner Thigh

The Hybrid Inner Thigh machine from Prime Fitness is a top-notch product because it allows users to get an effective body workout. It features a design that targets the quads, glutes, and inner thighs to help improve muscular strength and tone. Additionally, the adjustable leg pads are designed to contour to the user's thigh shape, helping them to maintain proper form while they exercise. The powder-clad steel frame is both stylish and long-lasting. Overall, this product from Prime Fitness is a top-notch choice for those looking to tone their lower body.

Pros & Cons


• Height adjustable to fit different body sizes

• Foot platform, thigh pads and handles are adjustable to suit user’s needs

• Compact design for easy storage

• Easy to use for exercises targeting inner/outer thighs, glutes and obliques

- Sturdy Construction

• Accessories, such as weights and bands, can be used for enhanced results


• Expensive

• Not suitable for users with lower body injuries

• Storage may be difficult in small exercise rooms

• Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds