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Rogue's Top 10 Highest Rated Products for Your Home Gym

Posted May 14, 2023
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When it comes to the best fitness equipment on the market, Rogue Fitness has it all. With some of their most highly rated products, they are setting the standard for performance and quality. From the popular Echo Bike to the sleek Black Concept 2 Rower and from the iconically designed Rogue Kettlebells to the Wall Mount Rack custom color edition, these products are designed to provide you with the best possible workout experience. Not only are these highly rated products, but they are also backed by fantastic customer service and satisfaction. So, if you're looking for top of the line fitness equipment to take your gym or home gym to the next level, these Rogue products offer you the best of both worlds. Read on to discover the ten most highly rated products for Rogue.

1. Rogue Echo Bike V3.0
Rogue Echo Bike V3.0

The Rogue Echo Bike is one of Rogue's best products because it is an incredibly well-made and durable exercise bike. It features an overall steel frame construction, a silent belt-driven flywheel, a smooth and precise adjustable resistance system, as well as a very precise display console to track your workout stats. It is perfect for HIIT and cardiovascular training, and it is very easy to setup and use. Its reliability, long-term performance, and quality craftsmanship make it an excellent product for any home gym.

Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty Construction for durability and longevity

• Internal fan design keeps noise levels low

• Magnetic manual resistance ensures smooth and consistent adjustments

• Versatile and simple to use

• Lightweight and easy to transport

• Built-in LCD console tracks distance, speed, time, calories, and RPM

• Compact frame fits easily in tight areas


• Limited features compared to other, more expensive models

• No pre-programmed workouts

• Upright design won't fit all rider heights comfortably

• Could be too loud or vibrate too much for some users

2. Black Concept 2 RowErg Rower - PM5
Black Concept 2 RowErg Rower - PM5

The Rogue Black Concept 2 Rower is one of the best rowing machines on the market and is suitable for a variety of fitness levels. This powerful, durable machine offers a smooth rowing stroke that mimics the motion of being in the water. Its advanced PM5 monitor track and displays your rowing performance such as metrics, intensity levels and rate. This rower is also easy to use with a simple, straightforward assembly and an intuitive control system. As a result of these features, the Rogue Black Concept 2 Rower is suitable for both at home and gym use.

Pros & Cons


-Sturdy Construction with a powder coated frame and aluminum monorail make it a durable product

• Low impact workout suitable for all types of fitness levels

• Portable design with a quick-release frame lock mechanism

• Includes Performance Monitor (PM5) with features including advanced performance tracking, preloaded games, and ergonomic handle

• Multiple air resistance settings to change the intensity of your workout


• Assembly of product requires several hours

• May be too expensive for some budgets

• Noisy operation

• Small footprint may make it difficult to use for taller individuals

3. Rogue Kettlebells
Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue Kettlebells are one of the best kettlebells on the market because they are extremely durable, made from high-grade iron, and are available in a variety of weight increments. Additionally, they are color coded so you can quickly identify the weight without having to read the label. The handles are crafted in a variety of textures and sizes, providing the right fit for any size hand. Rogue Kettlebells are also built to last, capable of withstanding even the toughest kettlebell movements.

Pros & Cons


• Made from durable cast iron material

• Urethane coating prevents damage, rust, and corrosion

• Varying weight options, ranging from 8-100lbs

• Smooth handle for safe, comfortable use

• Flat-bottom design for ground exercises

• Wide range of color options


• Heavy and awkward to carry, especially for higher-weight models

• Coating may wear off over time

• Cast iron is susceptible to cracking if dropped or used incorrectly

4. Rogue RML-3WC Fold Back Wall Mount Rack
Rogue RML-3WC Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

The Rogue RML-3WC Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Custom Color Edition is one of Rogue's best products because it offers superior storage space-saving options, allowing users to save up to 65% of the square footage required to store traditional racks. It also comes with a wide array of heavy-duty welded 11-gauge steel components that can be customized with a variety of color options, offering a unique and personal way to stand out in any gym or home setting. Additionally, it is equipped with rogue’s Westside hole spacing, providing unparalleled versatility with regards to j-cups, safety spotter arms, pull-up bars, and more, giving users the ability to customize their rack for their specific use.

Pros & Cons


• Wall-mounted for maximum space efficiency.

• gauge steel provides maximum durability.

• Includes lifetime warranty.

• Includes rubber strip to protect the wall and add stability.

• Ergonomic safety spotter arms and J-cups included.

• Customizable color, texture and logo.

• storage pegs for kettlebells, plates, and more.


• Installation is difficult and may require professional help.

• Doesn’t accommodate Olympic bars.

• Takes up a great deal of wall space.

• Expensive compared to other home gym equipment.

5. The Ohio Bar - Cerakote
The Ohio Bar - Cerakote

The Ohio Bar Cerakote from Rogue is one of the best products because it is made from high-quality steel with a Cerakote finish for added strength, durability and corrosion resistance. The bar is precision-engineered with a 28.5mm shaft diameter and grooved sleeve design for better grip and spin. The knurling is a hybrid-style pattern and has three distinct specs: dual knurl marks and single knurl marks. It also has a matt black ceramic-coated finish and dual knurl numbers provide a unique feeling and look that is as good as it looks.

Pros & Cons


• Cerakote finish offers a durable and stylish coating

• PSI Tensile Strength for heavy-lifting

• Center knurl for grip

• Aggressive knurling for extra grip

• Dual knurling marks for Olympic and Powerlifting

• Dual Specification markings- weight incised and color bands for type of steel


• Cost is higher than other bars

• Extra weight from the Cerakote coating

• Not suited for Olympic weightlifting

6. SML-2 Rogue 90" Monster Lite Squat Stand