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Titan's Top 10 Highest Rated Products for Your Home Gym

Posted May 14, 2023
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Welcome to the top 10 most highly rated products for Titan! Here, you will find the best of the best that combines quality and innovation with durability and performance. From the safety squat Olympic bar v2, to the t-3 series power rack, discover the leading products in the Titan range. We will take a more detailed look at the products, and you can also find out why they're popular amongst customers and fitness professionals alike. So, let's get started exploring the best of the best fitness and strength equipment that the Titan range has to offer.

1. Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2
Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2

The Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2 is one of Titan's best products because it features thick, diamond knurled grips to ensure a secure grip on the bar during lifts. It has a lightweight construction with a powder-coated finish for a long-lasting look and feel. In addition, it has four-needle bearings, improves bar whip and helps reduce user fatigue on heavier sets. The bar features an enhanced center knurling pattern and a specifically designed knurling pattern to provide maximum grip and control during squats, lunges and more. Lastly, it comes equipped with an angled shaft handle for easy and comfortable use.

Pros & Cons


• High-density steel Construction ensures durability and strength

• Fully knurled 60” Olympic bar supports a variety of exercises

• Comfortable, ergonomically-designed rotating rubber handgrips for improved grip

• Patented hexagon-shaped safety handles allow for a secure grip and extra safety

• Locking screws ensure the handles remain in the proper position

• Includes two pairs of Olympic collars with quick-release locks


• Expensive compared to standard Olympic bars

• Heavier than most Olympic bars (83 pounds)

• Handles may be difficult to use for smaller body frames

2. Olympic Hex Weight Bar
Olympic Hex Weight Bar

This Titan Olympic Hex Weight Bar is one of the best products because it features a unique 6-sided hexagon shape that increases stability during heavy lifts. It's constructed with a high-tensile, chrome-plated steel that's designed to take all the abuse you can throw at it. Its 12" medium-depth diamond knurling provides a secure grip, and it has a 1000 pound weight capacity. This bar is designed to help you reach your strength goals and promises safe, reliable and durable performance.

Pros & Cons


• Reinforced steel design with a powder coat finish

• Hexagonal silhouette that Easy to maneuver in confined spaces

• Holds Olympic weight plates

• degree rotating sleeves to prevent plate wear

• Knurled hand grips

• Textured powder coat finish resists breaking down in high-heat conditions


• lb capacity may be too low for certain lifting routines

• No center knurling for Olympic lifting technique

3. T-3 Series Power Rack
T-3 Series Power Rack

The Titan T-3 Series Power Rack is one of Titan's best products because it is perfect for both home and commercial use. It is made from high quality 11-gauge steel and is built to last. It also features heavy-duty adjustors, pull-up bars, and spotters. It is also compatible with a variety of Titan accessories, making it the perfect all-in-one workout solution.

Pros & Cons


• Professional grade Construction with 11-gauge steel frame for maximum stability and durability

• Extra deep walk-in design for easier benches and barbell usage

• Includes 20 adjustable safety spotter arms, giving it superior safety

• J-hooks and safeties have protective, tear-resistant rubber lining that won’t damage bars

• Easy to assemble and comes with a lifetime structural and frame warranty

• Includes custom-designed pull-up bars with multiple hand position grips

• Adjustable from 66-inches up to 90-inches, allowing for a variety of exercises

• Integrated weight storage keeps weights conveniently close at hand

• Includes a two-year parts warranty

• Includes an additional pair of titanium dipped j-hooks


• Expensive pricing

• Paint chips off when dragged against floor

• Difficult to move as it’s very heavy

4. Axle Barbells
Axle Barbells

The Titan Axle Barbell is one of Titan's best products because it is constructed from heavy duty steel, has a durable and scratch resistant powder-coated finish, and is designed for functional fitness, strongman and bodybuilding exercises. The axle has sections of knurling for improved grip, and can be loaded up to 250 lbs for heavier lifts. It is an ideal barbell for athletes of all levels, from beginner to elite.

Pros & Cons


• Extremely durable steel Construction

• Heavy-duty rubber endcaps that protect floors and the bar

• Fixed sleeve design eliminates the need for spin locks

• Choice of 50, 70 or 90 lb. weight limit

• Textured, knurled grip for strong hand placement


• Can only handle fixed weight plates

• Fixed sleeve design limits further weight customization

• Heavy swinging motions are not advised

5. Economy Olympic Barbell
Economy Olympic Barbell

The Titan Economy Olympic Barbell is one of Titan's best products because it offers great quality at an affordable price. This barbell is made of durable steel with a bright zinc finish, knurled handgrips, and a 900-pound capacity. It is also a multi-purpose barbell, making it great for both Olympic lifting and a variety of other strength training exercises. Furthermore, the chrome sleeves with needle bearings offer a smooth and reliable spin, great for those looking for a quality workout and optimal results.

Pros & Cons


• Made of durable, corrosion resistant steel

• Compatible with Olympic-style weight plates (2” diameter)

• Features dual knurling patterns on bar

• Rotating sleeves reduce torque on wrists and forearms

• Medium Knurl makes exercise more comfortable

• PSI tensile strength ensures longevity


• Only has 2 needle bearings per sleeve

• No center knurl on bar

• Minimalistic design lacks some features of higher-end Olympic Barbells

6. Rubber Hex Dumbbells With Chrome Handle