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Top 15 Camber Barbells for Your Home Gym

Posted May 13, 2023
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When it comes to working out, you want to make sure you have the right equipment, including the best barbells for your workouts. The Camber Barbells are some of the best barbells on the market, and there are many great deals available. Whether you’re looking for the Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Camber Bar or the Sorinex Cool Breeze Camber Bar, you’ll be able to find the perfect unit for your workout needs. We’ve rounded up the top 15 deals on Camber Barbells that you won’t want to miss out on. From the RepFitness Cambered Swiss Multi-Grip Barbell to the American Barbell Camber Bar, you’ll find something that fits your needs and budget. You can also find great deals on barbell attachments such as the Rogue Proloc Camber Bar Attachment, the Rogue Ghost J Cup Camber Bar Block, and the Rogue CB-4 38mm Camber Bar. And if you're looking for a great deal, don’t forget to check out the final sale on the Titan Fitness Scratch and Dent Rackable Camber Bar. With these fantastic deals, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Camber Barbell for your workouts.

1. Multi-Grip Camber Bar
Multi-Grip Camber Bar

The Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Camber Bar is a great product due to its unique design. The bar allows you to work out more effectively with greater range of motion and a variety of hand positions. The thick steel construction ensures durability and its ergonomic design is comfortable and safe to use. Additionally, the different grip widths challenge the user to recruit more muscles for greater gains. This bar is perfect for anyone looking for an innovative way to challenge their workouts.

Pros & Cons


• Olympic sizing – can use with multiple Olympic-sized plates

• Multiple grip variations – provides more targeted workouts

• Powder-coated finish – resists rust and enhances durability

• Reinforced construction – reinforced steel construction provides strength


• Not compatible with standard-sized plates – won’t work with regularplates

• Not thickness-adjustable – only comes with one bar thickness

• Heavier than standard barbell – may be too heavy for some users

• Not suitable for bench press – not designed for flat weightlifting movements.

2. Cambered Swiss Multi-Grip Barbell
Cambered Swiss Multi-Grip Barbell

The Cambered Swiss Multi Grip Barbell from Rep Fitness is a great product because it is designed to fit the natural curves of your hands, allowing for more comfortable, effective workouts. It includes multiple grip configurations, so you can easily switch between grip widths and hand positions to work different muscle groups and increase your performance. The barbell also utilizes a high-tensile Swiss bear steel construction, making it exceptionally strong and reliable during heavy lifts. The multi-grip design also allows you to use the barbell for other exercises, such as rows, curls, and shrugs. With the Cambered Swiss Barbell, you can maximize your time in the gym and make your workout more effective and efficient.

Pros & Cons


•High-quality steel construction

•Designed to provide stability and reduce the risk of injury during lifts

•Allows for unique hand placements and varied grip patterns

•Front and back camber allows for a deeper stretch in the muscles

•Multi-grip design facilitates multiple exercises with a single bar


•Pricey compared to other weight lifting bars

•Not compatible with all Olympic weight plates

•Limited weight capacity of 300lbs/135kg

3. Rackable Camber Bar
Rackable Camber Bar

This Rackable Camber Bar from Titan Fitness is a great product for strength training, offering a range of different exercises that allows you to challenge your muscles in new ways. Its innovative camber design provides a firm, secure grip while also protecting your wrists and hands. It also features a knurled grip and two Olympic sleeve lengths, making it compatible with a wide variety of weights. The robust steel construction is incredibly durable, perfect for high-intensity workouts. Its overall design limits the amount of stress placed on your joints, delivering a safer and more comfortable workout.

Pros & Cons


•Can be used for both lots of upper and lower body exercises

•Lightweight and durable

•Designed with camber bar which provides balance and stability

•Made of solid steel, and has a black oxide finish to protect against rust and corrosion

•Easily stores away with a low-profile, sleek design


•Only one design available

•Does not come with mounting hardware

•More expensive than some other barbells

•Handle width can be too narrow for certain exercises

4. Camber Bar Attachment | Pair
Camber Bar Attachment | Pair

The Titan Camber Bar Attachment Pair is a great product for building strength, balance and stability in core body muscles. The attachment features an angled design which increases the range of motion, allowing for an even deeper stretch and a more comprehensive workout. It also offers a variety of functional grip positions, which help to ensure proper lifting posture and reduce stress on the lower back while lifting. Additionally, the attachment fits standard bars, making it perfect for any type of gym set-up. The camber bar attachment is a great tool to add to any gym and can help to improve your overall workout form.

Pros & Cons


• Spherical camber design allows for improved range of motion

• Enhances muscle activation by allowing for a deeper and more focused barbell training

• Develops static hold, power and balance

• Enhances joint stability

• Chrome-plated sleeves improve durability and performance


• Price may be prohibitive for some users

• Locking collar colleration required for safety

• May take time to get used to the curved shape and design

5. Camber Bar
Camber Bar

The American Barbell Camber Bar is a great product because it offers improved control, comfort and balance compared to traditional straight bar designs. It also helps reduce strain and fatigue in the wrists, arms and shoulders during workout sessions, allowing you to achieve better technique and better results. The Camber Bar's curved axle design encourages balance and more natural movement while lifting. It has a 28.5mm grip diameter, with 4 needle bearing on each side of the bar and 4 bronze bushings. The bar shaft is made from quality steel and has a moderately aggressive knurling pattern. Additionally, the bar can hold up to 800 pounds so it’s a great choice for any home gym or commercial environment.

Pros & Cons


• Constructed of high-grade steel for maximum durability

• Angled camber bar design reduces stress on elbows, wrists and shoulders

• Lightweight and easy to maneuver

• Offers a range of exercise options

• Grey powder coat finish


• Handle grip spacing not adjustable

• Can be difficult to find compatible collars

• Requires some knowledge of Olympic weightlifting to use effectively

6. CB-1 Rogue Camber Bar
CB-1 Rogue Camber Bar

The Rogue Camber Bar is a great product because it offers a massive range of movement to provide exercisers with a more dynamic and functional training experience. Unlike traditional straight bars, the Camber Bar is designed to offer more flexibility and help promote muscle development through its dynamic range of motion. This bar is made from ultra-durable steel and comes with composite bushings for quiet operation and rotating sleeves that not only provide a superior feel but deliver a greater range of motion for improved mobility and balance. What's more, the Camber Bar is designed to work with a wide array of existing rigs and racks, allowing it to accommodate virtually any gym set-up.

Pros & Cons


• Enhanced knurling for better grip

• 28.5mm diameter for improved comfort

• Coated in black zinc for durability

• Features a reverse camber for improved stability


• Price is more expensive than traditional bars

• No center knurling

• Limited compatibility with power racks

7. Proloc™ Camber Bar Attachment
Proloc™ Camber Bar Attachment

The Rogue Proloc Camber Bar Attachment is a great product for athletes looking for a unique method of strength training. This attachment is designed to be easy to use and setup, allowing for a longer range of motion and static catch points at the top and bottom of each rep. The shape of the camber bar also provides beneficial feedback for each rep, helping athletes focus on form and strength gains. Additionally, unlike traditional straight bar attachments, the camber bar gives athletes more control and facilitates more intense upper-body and core movements. All of this makes the Rogue Proloc Camber Bar Attachment an ideal tool for someone who is looking to increase their strength training routine.

Pros & Cons


• Constructed with premium grade 3 x 3” 11-gauge steel for optimum strength

• Powder coat finish helps protect bar from corrosion and keeps a clean, attractive look

• 4-point mounting system allows for superior stability and eliminates torque

• Utilizes standard Proloc hole patterns so you can easily combine this attachment with other Proloc systems

• Two height adjustment levels to customize your setup

• Works with any Rogue 2” Olympic Bar


• No instructions included with the product

• Does not work with Rogue 2.0 or 3.0 Olympic Bar

8. Cambered Bench Press Bar
Cambered Bench Press Bar

The Titan Fitness Cambered Bench Press Bar is an excellent product because of its innovative design and exceptionally durable construction. This bar features a cambered design, meaning that it has a built-in curve that allows for increased range of motion and comfort while lifting. The bar is constructed from specialty heat-treated steel, which ensures that it is both strong and durable. The bar also features bearings that reduce noise and improve the overall feel of the bar, making it perfect for any level lifter. With its combination of quality components and ergonomic design, the Titan Fitness Cambered Bench Press Bar is a great choice for anyone looking for a durable and comfortable barbell.

Pros & Cons


• Unique cambered design can help to accommodate different size wrists and hands

• Ergonomically friendly design helps to provide increased comfort throughout lifts

• Knurled non-slip diamond knurl that provides a secure grip on the bar

• Medium depth diamond knurl helps to reduce bar spin

• 36” length fits most standard racks and benches


• Price is more expensive than traditional barbells

• Lacks the center knurling often found on other barbells

• Small size of the handle can be difficult to maneuver if you have large hands

9. Rogue CB-4 38MM Camber Bar
Rogue CB-4 38MM Camber Bar

The Rogue CB-4 38mm Cambar Bar is a great product for strength and Olympic weightlifting, as it offers superior durability and performance. The bar is constructed of superior grade steel, making it strong enough to bear heavy loads while maintaining its structural integrity. The bar has an aggressive camber design to easily transition during complex lifts. It also features quality composite bushings and high-tensile strength end caps to provide a smooth and fluid movement. Additionally, the CB-4 38mm Cambar Bar has a scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant black zinc shaft and zinc-plated chrome sleeves, giving it a sleek design that is easy to maintain. With its superior construction and design, the Rogue CB-4 38mm Cambar Bar is perfect for powerlifters, weightlifters, and gym/fitness enthusiasts.

Pros & Cons


* Heavy-duty knurling, making it suitable for heavy weightlifting

* Unique camber shape that allows a wide array of new exercises to be performed

* Great for experienced lifters looking to add variety to their workout

* A more ergonomic design that reduces the risk of injuries

* Compatible with most Olympic bars/weights


* The camber shape might feel awkward to some people and difficult to use

* More expensive than regular Olympic bars

* Not suitable for beginner lifters

10. Rogue MG-4CN Narrow Multi Grip Camber Bar
Rogue MG-4CN Narrow Multi Grip Camber Bar

The MG-4CN Narrow Multi Grip Camber Bar is a great product because it offers numerous grip options – narrow and wide, palms-up and palms-down – that allow users to perform a variety of exercises safely and effectively. It also features a cambered design that helps reduce strain on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders as you train. The bar is also constructed from high-quality steel for long-lasting durability. With the ability to perform a range of exercises, the MG-4CN Narrow Multi Grip Camber Bar makes a great addition to any home gym.

Pros & Cons


• Provide more variety in grip and hand positioning for overhead exercises

• Easy to use for easy transition between exercises

• Multiple ergonomic handles enable a more comfortable grip for a variety of strength-training exercises

• Compact design allows for larger range of motion

• Lightweight for easy storage and transport


• Not suited for extreme weight lifting

• Cannot be used for all exercises

• Does not offer adjustable resistance training

11. Ghost J-Cup Camber Bar Block
Ghost J-Cup Camber Bar Block

The Rogue Ghost J-Cup Camber Bar Block is a great product because it offers unmatched safety and stability when squatting and performing other exercises. Crafted with durable, high-grade steel and powder-coated in black and green, this block offers superior stability when compared to traditional J-cups. The Camber Bar attachment allows for added versatility, allowing for isolation exercises for the quadriceps, hams and glutes. The heavy-duty construction and increased safety make the Rogue Ghost J-Cup an ideal choice for any athlete or gym.

Pros & Cons


• Easy to attach to the barbell ensuring safety when loading and unloading weights

• Constructed from steel, making it durable and long-lasting

• Unique camber design allows for a variety of exercises with the barbell

• Textured finish on the surface helps during lifts

• Lightweight and portable


• High price point

• Only compatible with certain Rogue Fitness barbells

• Limited color selection

12. Rogue MG-4C Multi Grip Camber Bar
Rogue MG-4C Multi Grip Camber Bar

The Rogue MG-4C Multi-Grip Camber Bar is a great product because it is both strong and versatile. With its durable steel construction and a great knurl, it is perfect for a variety of pressing and pulling movements. The camber design is perfect for those looking to increase their range of motion and add unique progressions to their existing movements. It also includes multiple grip heights, allowing the user to target different muscle groups to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts. Whether using for presses, rows, curls, or shrugs, the Rogue MG-4C Multi-Grip Camber Bar is designed to meet the demands of even the most rigorous training.

Pros & Cons


• UHMW-lined camber bar offers four different grip widths for exercises like bench press and rows

• 1045 steel construction improves strength and power output

• Knurled steel bands for added grip

• Wider range of motion provides for versatile exercise movements

• Fully compatible with power racks, squat racks, and accessories


• High price point

• Knurled steel bands have sharp texture which can cause hand discomfort over time

• Bar is limited to compound exercises, not accessory lifts

13. Sorinex Cool Breeze Camber Bar
Sorinex Cool Breeze Camber Bar

The Sorinex Cool Breeze Camber Bar is a great product because it features a unique design and construction that enhances the user’s range of motion and weightlifting capabilities while providing superior stabilization. It is made from superior grade alloy steel and the curved camber design allows for more effective and even motion during exercise. The Cool Breeze grip is designed to keep hands cool and comfortable during a workout and the heavy-duty construction is designed to last for years. Additionally, the multi-grip feature allows for a variety of exercises and contributes to overall muscle development.

Pros & Cons


• Durable 11-gauge steel construction

• Unique Camber bar angle provides different hand placements and exercise options

• Extremely low maintence - no need to replace bushings

• Smooth powder coating finish resists rust and fading


• Expensive compared to other products

• Heavyweight- difficult to move around or store

• Limited compatibility with other plates and bars

14. Boneyard CB-4 38mm Camber Bar
Boneyard CB-4 38mm Camber Bar

The Rogue CB-4 Camber Bar is a great product because it is extremely durable and versatile. The bar is made of high-grade steel, featuring a dual knurled surface and alloy steel sleeves, which allows it to be used for a variety of Olympic and powerlifting movements. The camber of the bar provides a unique feel that provides greater tension in the lats and chest on pressing movements, while also helping to maintain proper shoulder and spine alignment for general mobility. Additionally, the bar offers angled and extending collars for Olympic plates, as well as oversized steel fasteners for greater safety during heavy lifts. This product is great for both beginner lifters and serious strength athletes.

Pros & Cons


-38 mm diameter barbell for heavy duty lifting

-Highly durable construction for long-term use

-Knurled grip for better grip and control

-Black zinc coating for better finish and protection

-Reduced bar whip due to camber bar design

-Camber profile helps develop both grip and back strength

-Camber shape allows for better trajectory of Olympic lifts


-Limited availability due to closeout

-Pricey compared to other barbell options

-Barbell not compatible with power racks or traditional powerlifting

15. Scratch and Dent - Rackable Camber Bar - FINAL SALE
Scratch and Dent - Rackable Camber Bar - FINAL SALE

This Scratch and Dent Rackable Camber Bar is great because it allows you to target hard-to-reach areas and offers a great range of motion with its adjustable and locked Camber positions. Plus, its powder-coated steel construction ensures that it is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it a great exercise addition to your home gym.

Pros & Cons


- Durable, sturdy construction

- Rackable design allows for easy storage

- Fully adjustable camber angle

- 5 weight pegs to further customize the weight


- Final sale, so no returns/refunds

- May have scratches, dents, or other cosmetic defects

- May have functional defects, such as rust, bent weight pegs, etc.