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Top 15 Curl Bars for Your Home Gym

Posted May 13, 2023
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Gone are the days of boring bicep curls using a basic straight barbell. Curl bars are the way of the future, allowing gym goers to add variety to their workouts and target different muscle groups. If you’re looking to join the curl bar craze, check out the top 15 deals on curl bars we’ve gathered for you. From universal EZ Curl Bars to Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bars to 50 lb EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbells, we’ve got the perfect bar for you. Not to mention Multi Grip Curl Bars, Multi Purpose EZ Curl Bars with double hooks, and even Curl Bars that are fully rackable. With these top 15 deals on curl bars, you’ll be sure to find a bar that meets your particular fitness needs and budget.

1. EZ Curl Bar – 47″
EZ Curl Bar – 47″

The EZ Curl Bar by Bells of Steel is a great product because of its ergonomic design which incorporates lighter weight, extra-thick knurling, and slightly angled grips specifically designed to provide lifters with a more comfortable and effective workout. This design helps target the biceps, forearms, and upper back better than traditional straight bars, while also reducing the risk of injury. The barbell itself is built with extremely durable and solid steel and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pros & Cons


-Knurled handles offer a secure grip

-Available in 5kg weight

-Designed to reduce shoulder and elbow strain

-Easier to balance compared to a straight barbell


-Only one weight size is available

-Higher price than a regular barbell

2. EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbells
EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbells

The Titan Fitness EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbells are a great product for fitness enthusiasts looking for a durable and effective way to target their biceps and triceps. These fixed weight barbells feature rubber-encased steel weights which provide superior protection and grip, making it easier to gain momentum during lifts and achieve better performance. The steel bar keeps the weights aligned throughout the whole lift and its chrome finish prevents rust and maintains a sleek aesthetic. In addition, their compact design makes them an ideal option for both home and studio gyms.

Pros & Cons


3. Olympic EZ Curl Barbell
Olympic EZ Curl Barbell

The Titan Fitness Olympic EZ Curl Barbell is a great product because it is made from high-grade, heat-treated alloy steel construction to provide years of reliable use. It features an inner bar diameter of 28.5mm, and an overall length of 47” with a loadable sleeve length of 16". The textured diamond knurling provides an ideal grip and superior control, making it an excellent choice for performing bicep curls and isolation exercises. It is also designed to fit all two-inch Olympic plates with a medium depth knurling add to the bar’s unique style.

Pros & Cons


• Made from high-quality, solid steel with a chrome finish

• Welded ends provide secure and reliable Olympic plate loading

• Angled sleeves enable improved biomechanics

• Knurled handles provide added comfort and control

• Excellent for isolation and partial rep workouts


• Can be more expensive than standard curl bars

• Olympic plates must be purchased separately

• Heavy and bulky, making it difficult to store or move

4. Curl Bar
Curl Bar

The Rep Fitness Curl Bar is a great product for anyone who is looking to target their biceps and improve their arm strength. Its solid steel construction makes it incredibly durable and safe to use with heavy weights. Its rotating sleeves feature a solid grip, which helps to reduce strain on wrists, forearms, and elbows, making the curl bar an ideal choice for those with an injury. Its non-slip knurling also allows for a secure and comfortable grip throughout each rep, allowing you to safely and effectively target your biceps.

Pros & Cons


• Durable construction

• Smooth, self-lubricating bushings

• 30 inches of knurling

• Threaded ends to ensure secure plate loading

• Chrome finish for corrosion protection

• Anti-roll ends for stability


• Heavier than other curl bars

• Not ideal for all types of exercise

• Can be difficult to load and unload due to its solid design and size

5. Rackable Curl Bar
Rackable Curl Bar

The Rackable Curl Bar is a great product because it can be used for a variety of weight training exercises. The curl bar has a 30” length and comes with 2” spring collars which are ideal for both heavy and light workouts. The bar is made of solid steel construction with a hard-chromed finish, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting. The contoured, racked handle provides a secure, comfortable grip and its 30" length allows for proper exercise form while allowing you to hit those hard-to-reach muscle groups. This curl bar is useful for triceps, bicep, hamstring, and chest exercises and is perfect for your home gym.

Pros & Cons


• Low profile and ergonomic design

• High strength steel construction

• Knurled handles for superior grip

• Can be used with a variety of weight plates to increase resistance

• Great for building stronger arms, upper back, core and grip strength


• Not compatible with all lifting equipment

• Can be more expensive than other curl bars

• Length of the bar is shorter than regular curl bars, making it difficult to use the full range of motion

6. Rogue Curl Bar
Rogue Curl Bar

The Rogue Curl Bar is a great product because it is designed to be durable and is made with high quality steel. It is designed for increased safety and comfort with a knurled texture that reduces slippage and maximizes grip. It also has bar ends that are angled for optimal biomechanical positioning and it has an improved sleeve design for smooth plate loading. Finally, the bar is available in three variations that allow the user to choose the weight range that is right for them.

Pros & Cons


• Made from high quality steel for maximum strength

• Compatible with Olympic 2" plates

• Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort

• Can be used for a variety of exercises

• Can be easily stored away in a closet

• Tough anti-rust coating

• 5-year manufacturer warranty


• Expensive price tag

• Must purchase additional Olympic plates separately

7. Rogue Curl Bar - Cerakote
Rogue Curl Bar - Cerakote

The Rogue Curl Bar Cerakote is a great product because it is highly durable and features Cerakote coatings, which provides unmatched durability, an improved aesthetic, and a secure grip. The bar is also built with a 188,000 PSI tensile strength steel shaft, which makes it suitable for heavy lifting. Additionally, it has a combination of Fat Gripz, fine knurl marks, and center knurling for improved grip for a wide variety of exercises. Its angled ends provide a more natural range of motion for comfortable and effective curls.

Pros & Cons


-Smooth knurl pattern and modified one-piece design result in enhanced grip and classic camber

-Cerakote finish is tough, wear-resistant and is available in several color combinations

-Signature Rogue Stamping on the end caps complemented by laser etching on the rest of the shaft

-Rigid, spring-steel shaft provides a strong, lightweight alternative to traditional bars

-54" length fits a wide range of routines

-Dual Rogue branding—laser-etched and stamped on each sleeve


-Price is more expensive than alternative products

-No center knurl for squats

-Custom Cerakote color requires 2-3 weeks lead time

8. Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar
Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar

The Industrial Rackable EZ Curl-Bar from Bells of Steel is a great barbell for any type of training. It has ergonomically designed chinning knurl for extra comfort and support. Its knurling is deeper in the middle for a better grip and lighter at the outside for improved control. With rotating sleeves and bearing construction, this bar offers a smooth and fluid lift every time. Additionally, it has a heavy-duty construction to provide enhanced durability and stability for tough workouts. It’s a great bar for any type of strength training and workout.

Pros & Cons


* Scientifically designed for improved wrist and elbow support

* Superior chrome plating for added longevity

* Steady and balanced bar for accurate weight control

* Lightweight and ergonomic design for better control

* Multi-purpose bar for versatile workouts


* High price tag compared to standard curl bars

* Longer delivery time than expected

9. Multi-Grip Curl Bar Cable Attachment
Multi-Grip Curl Bar Cable Attachment

The Multi-Grip Curl Bar is a great product because it allows users to perform a variety of different bicep and tricep exercises, including curls, triceps pressdowns and barbell rows. It features a knurled diamond pattern for improved gripping comfort and security, and a thick-wall construction for maximum durability and longevity. The Multi-Grip Curl Bar also has angled and rotating handles to reduce strain on wrists and forearms, allowing users to lift heavy weights comfortably and safely. Additionally, the rotating design helps prevent excessive stress on elbow joints and allows for a greater range of motion. Overall, the Multi-Grip Curl Bar is a great choice for those looking to strengthen their arms, back and shoulders.

Pros & Cons


• Durable, solid steel construction

• Has knurled grip handles

• Textured surface for improved grip

• Multiple grip positions

• Suitable for a variety of exercises


• Only fits standard-sized weight plates

• Must be attached to a power rack or weight bench for stability

10. 50 LB EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell
50 LB EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell

The Titan 50 lb EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell is an excellent product for anyone looking to build strength and size in their upper body. Its rubber construction makes it perfect for any gym setting and the weight itself is optimally distributed to further ensure its safety and reliability. Its chrome-plated steel handles provide superior comfort and the length of the barbell is ideal for the majority of exercises. This barbell is an excellent choice for those looking to get serious about building strength in their biceps, chest, shoulders, and beyond.

Pros & Cons


• Durable rubber construction

• 50 lb weight

• Textured knurled handles for a secure grip

• Non-marking rubber flooring protection


• Low weight capacity for some exercises

• Non-adjustable weight

• Not ideal for Olympic weights

11. Rackable EZ Curl Bar
Rackable EZ Curl Bar

The Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar is a great product for those looking to perform a variety of exercises that target various muscle groups with a smaller bar. It features a solid steel construction for added durability, knurled handles for a secure grip, a slim design for easy transport, and a rackable design for easier storage. Its raised lettering will also help to ensure weight tracking is easy and accurate. This versatile bar has a total weight capacity of 500lbs, making it suitable for powerlifters and bodybuilders alike!

Pros & Cons


* Rackable design saves space and lets you store it on your weight rack

* Chrome finish offers an attractive look

* Accredited for fitness competitions

* Oxide coating prevents rusting

* Medium diameter of 1-3/8” recommended for curls and tricep exercises


* Welded end sleeves do not spin, may be limiting for certain exercises

* Limited capacity of only 200 lb maximum weight

* Length of 47” may be too long for shorter users

12. 20 - 110 LB Set EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell
20 - 110 LB Set  EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell

The Titan Fitness 20-110 lb EZ-Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell Set is a great product because it provides a complete set of different weights for a variety of exercises that help build strength, burn calories, and increase muscle. The set includes 15 individual rubberized plates with 4-tier plates (20, 35, 45, 70, and 110 lbs), as well as four weight selection locks, and a knurled grip, threaded bar for added strength and stability. The rubber coating helps protect floor surfaces and prevents sliding and skidding if accidental drops occur, and the contoured handles of the bar allow for comfortable gripping. Additionally, the set includes two spring clips which help to keep the plates securely on the bar. This set is an excellent and affordable way to get a full weight set of bars and plates.

Pros & Cons


• Wide selection of weights from 20lbs to 110lbs

• Ez curl rubber fixed barbell handles to keep hands from slipping

• Ergonomically designed for balance and support

• Durable and long lasting


• No collars included, must be purchased separately

• Price is fairly expensive for the amount offered

• Relatively limited selection of weights for serious strength training

13. 60 LB EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell
60 LB EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell

The 60 lb EZ Curl Rubber Fixed Barbell is a great product for strength training because it is made from a strong, rugged rubber so it can withstand heavy weight drops. The hexagonal handles provide an easy, comfortable grip and the knurling ensures maximum grip from your palms. The steel construction is strong enough for all types of exercises, and the coating protects against rusting. This barbell is an excellent choice for those who want to increase their resistance training, as it provides a great range of exercises to help you improve your strength and endurance.

Pros & Cons


-Made of solid steel, designed for optimal durability

-Coated in ergonomic rubber for a shock-absorbent workout

-EZ curl design allows for various exercises to be performed

-Designed to last through rigorous exercise


-Fixed weight may prove insufficient for those attempting more advanced strength training

-The rubber coating eliminates the grip needed for some lifts

-Relatively expensive for a single weight piece

14. Multi Grip Curl Bar
Multi Grip Curl Bar

The Bells of Steel Multi-Grip Curl Bar is a great product because it provides users with more options to use variations of weight when exercising. The multi-grip design allows for increased intensity and full range of motion during the exercise. Additionally, the solid steel construction ensures that the bar is durable and long lasting. The bar also offers different handle widths so users can find a comfortable grip. This product is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a versatile and comfortable way to perform curls and other exercise exercises.

Pros & Cons


* Provides a variety of grip options while maximizing strength and flexibility

* Convenient and multiple uses, not just limited to traditional curls

* Constructed with solid steel to ensure sturdiness, durability and reliability

* Coated with oxide black to prohibit corrosion

* Easy to assemble and adjust to personal tastes and preferences


* Limited range of motion due to the fixed bar, does not allow for full body workouts

* Expensive compared to other curl bars on the market

* Can be difficult to change plates due to its fixed inner collars

15. Multi-Purpose EZ Curl Bar – Double Hook
Multi-Purpose EZ Curl Bar – Double Hook

The Bells of Steel Multi-Purpose EZ Curl Bar Double Hook is a great product because it is versatile and easy to use. The curl bar is made with high quality solid steel that is built to last and can be used with multiple different pieces of strength equipment. The double hook design allows you to use two different weight plates at once, meaning that you can easily customize your own workouts. It also features rubberized handles to provide comfort and a firm grip. The unique shape of the bar also helps to engage more of your muscles and works to provide an extra challenge for your joints and body.

Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty chrome construction

• Multi-grip design to target different muscle groups

• Non-slip design for extra grip during exercises

• Dual hooks for secure exercise band and rope attachments


• Price may be prohibitive for some budgets

• Heavyweight may be unwieldy for some users