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Top 15 Deadlift Barbells for Your Home Gym

Posted May 13, 2023
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If you're serious about your strength and fitness goals, then it's time to add a deadlift bar to your home gym. Deadlifting is one of the best exercises for overall powerlifting and Muscular development. From Texas Power Bars to Rogue Fitness and even Titan Fitness, there are plenty of great choices when it comes to finding the perfect deadlifting barbell. In this article, we will be exploring the top 15 deals on deadlift bars, helping you to find the best value for your money. Whether you're looking for a stainless steel Texas Deadlift Bar from Texas Power Bars, the Cerakote from Rogue Fitness, the Blemished Bar from Texas Power Bars or the Ohio Deadlift bar from Rogue Fitness - we've got you covered. There's even the compact and lightweight Mini Deadlift bar Jack and Bar Jack from OnFitWonder and Rogue Fitness if you're in the market for a great mobility and strength building tool. Last but not least, don't forget to check out Sorinex and their Texas Deadlift Bar and Titan Fitness's Titan Series Deadlift Bar. So without further ado, let's dive straight into the top 15 deals on deadlift bars.

1. Texas Deadlift Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar

The Texas Deadlift Bar is an outstanding product for any weightlifter or powerlifter. Its features include a steel shaft with precision machining, zinc electroplating process, ultra-tight knurling, and multiple Olympic and Deadlift marks. The stiffness, straightness, and incredible grip of this bar make it perfect for heavy-duty workouts. Additionally, the bar is well balanced, making it easier to complete lifts and increase accuracy. With it's heavy-duty construction, this bar is designed to last through the toughest lifts.

Pros & Cons


- Heavy-duty construction provides robust stability

- Compact design for easy storage and maneuverability

- Features aggressive knurling for better grip

- Has optimized load bearing capacity for greater safety

- Ideal for deadlifting and other Olympic weightlifting exercises

- Compatible with Olympic and standard size weight plates

- Backed by a one-year warranty


- Pricey compared to other deadlift bars

- Knurling may be too aggressive for those with sensitive hands

- Not adjustable to accommodate different ranges of motion

- Limited to only Olympic exercises, not suitable for other forms of weight training

2. Texas Deadlift Bar Cerakote
Texas Deadlift Bar Cerakote

The Texas Deadlift Bar Cerakote is a great product because it is designed for heavy loads and Olympic weightlifting. The bar has a bright black/gold coating which offers a unique look, making it perfect for any gym, home or garage. The advanced multi-axis design of the bar enables long-lasting, reliable performance and the full length sleeves adjust easily to fit bumper plates. The Texas Deadlift Bar Cerakote also has a center knurl which ensures you have maximum grip while performing lifts. The reputedly high quality of the Cerakote coating also enhances the bar's durability and wear resistance, helping it to last longer.

Pros & Cons


- High-end Cerakote finish for corrosion resistance and durability

- Made of North American-sourced, 190K PSI steel

- Knurled grip area for optimal grip performance

- Compatible with Olympic Plates

- Center knurling to maximize contact and control during deadlifts

- Hard chrome sleeve with a dual bearing system for smooth rotation


- May not be suitable for athletes with smaller frames

- Weight capacity of only 700 lbs

- More expensive than standard lifting bars

3. BLEMISHED Texas Deadlift Bar - Black Zinc Shaft/ Chrome Sleeves
BLEMISHED Texas Deadlift Bar - Black Zinc Shaft/ Chrome Sleeves

The Blemished Texas Deadlift Bar from Texas Power Bars is a great product because it offers a quality barbell designed with a knurling texture and aggressive knurling to support Olympic-style weight lifting. This bar is built with precision, with a deep groove sleeve and 10 high-end needle bearings that offer optimal spin and strength. The bar is made of high-grade steel and has a 28.5mm shaft diameter, which offers a unique feel when performing exercises. Furthermore, the bar is tested to meet strict specifications and has a lifetime warranty to ensure perfect performance throughout its use.

Pros & Cons


• Made of hardened, stress-proof alloy steel designed for heavy-duty use

* Heat-treated knurled steel shaft barrel provides better grip

* Hard chrome finish prevents rusting

* 5-year warranty

* Aggressive knurling for maximum control

* Strong, durable construction with powerlifting specifications

* Blemished finish provides a unique, aesthetic look


* Limited availability due to blemished product only

* Not eligible for a warranty return

4. Conventional Deadlift Bar By StrongArm
Conventional Deadlift Bar By StrongArm

This Conventional Deadlift Bar by Bells of Steel is an excellent product for weightlifting. It fits into your traditional deadlift routine, and the knurl on it provides you with a strong grip for better control when picking up heavy weights. Its 28.5mm shaft diameter and 216,000 PSI tensile strength ensure a smooth and secure lift. Plus, the bar has been fully tested and quality assured to provide you with the utmost comfort and durability, making it a great choice for your next deadlifting session!

Pros & Cons


• Made from high tensile strength G2 German steel

• Very fast lifting response due to the high hardness material

• Suitable for all type of strength training activities

• Tensile strength of 190,000 psi

• Aggressive knurling for excellent grip

• Lifetime warranty

• Available in different lengths


• High cost

• Potentially slippery knurling

• No center knurling that can be productive for squats/deadlifts

5. Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - Black Zinc
Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - Black Zinc

The Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar is an excellent product because it is strong and durable, making it great for heavy lifts, and is also functional for CrossFit workouts. It is made with a loadable sleeve length of 16.4" which allows plenty of space for other plates. The knurling is strong and moderate, which makes it perfect for gripping during lifts. It is also finished with a Black Zinc coating which gives it an amazing look while also protecting it from rust and oxidation. All of this combined makes it an unparalleled piece of equipment for both strength and training exercises.

Pros & Cons


• High-quality materials for durability and long-term use

• Precision sleeve construction for consistent up and down feel

• Black zinc shaft for superior grip and protection


•Expensive price point

• Weight of bar may be cumbersome for some lifters

6. Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - Cerakote
Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - Cerakote

The Rogue Ohio Deadlift Cerakote is a great product because it is designed to help you achieve maximum results in both powerlifting and weight-training workouts. It features an 88.5" high-tensile steel frame finished with Forge Grey Cerakote and features a 1500 lb. capacity. The frame provides ultra-stability during lifting, improving your form and technique and protecting your back and joints. In addition, the upgrade to Cerakote offers increased protection and scratch-resistance over standard powder coat finishes.

Pros & Cons


• Durable Cerakote finish

• Signature Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar design

• Black Cerakote finish reduces corrosion and prevents wear

• 28.5 mm bar diameter with knurl pattern

• Long sleeves and two knurled rings to secure plates

• Over 250,000 PSI tensile strength


• Higher price point compared to other bars

• Non-standard knurling pattern may not suit everyone’s preference

• Only available in one finish

7. Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - E-Coat
Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - E-Coat

The Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar E-Coat is an ideal lifting bar for anyone looking for a bar that can handle the heavy weight. It is a strong, durable bar that is rigorously tested to ensure it can withstand heavy weight. The bar features a black e-coat finish that reduces oxidation, allows for smoother bar spins, and provides protection to extend the life of the bar. It is less aggressive compared to other bars, so it is ideal for Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters alike. The Ohio Deadlift Bar also has a unique combination of stiffness and whip, allowing lifters to use the bar with maximum efficiency and control. Additionally, its knurling is the perfect addition to help lifters keep their grip in the snatch and clean and jerk. The bar is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, and offers a lifetime warranty.

Pros & Cons


• Made with high-quality American steel and engineered for maximum strength and durability

• Comes with a 6-month finish and workmanship guarantee

• Features a zinc-based e-coat from start to finish for the ultimate rust-preventing protection

• Has two-knurl marks that fit the natural setup of both sumo and conventional deadlifters

• 29MM shaft diameter provides a consistent grip

• Ideal tensile strength of 206,000 PSI


• Weighs 25KG, which is heavier than most 7ft bars

• More expensive than other deadlift bars on the market

8. Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - Bare Steel
Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - Bare Steel

The Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar is a great product for any weightlifter because it is made with high-end stainless steel that is built to last. The Ohio Deadlift Bar is an Olympic-style bar with a double-snap rings, aggressive knurling, and a heavy-duty 28.5mm shaft. The bar is designed to help maximize your power and control during deadlifts. The center knurling helps with grip while the end caps ensure a secure feel in your hand during lifts. Plus, the bar has a dual markings, which allows you to quickly switch between Olympic and Powerlifting specifications. This deadlift bar is great for weightlifters of any level!

Pros & Cons


• Constructed from high-tensile, 190 PSI strength steel

• Single wide knurl pattern for exact grip placement

• Minimal whip preferred by elite deadlifters

• Lifetime Warranty

• Built for long-term durability


• More expensive than some other brands of deadlift bars

• Heavy weight of 44 lbs might be difficult for some lifters to maneuver

9. Sumo Deadlift Bar By Strongarm
Sumo Deadlift Bar By Strongarm

The Sumo Deadlift Bar by Bells of Steel is a great product because it is specifically designed for deadlift movements. This bar has a longer and heavier weight capacity than standard bars, making it perfect for helping you reach your goals and improve your strength. It is made with a long, thick and reliable steel shaft, with center knurling for a better grip. It also has double bronze bushings and snap rings for smooth and quiet operation. This bar is ideal for serious lifters looking to enhance their deadlift performance.

Pros & Cons


• High quality construction with precision bearing

• 2” thick and 15.2” sleeve diameter

• Open ends for additional plates

• Handle knurling for grip

• Great for weightlifting, CrossFit, and Powerlifting


• Slightly more expensive than other barbells

• Fixed sleeve diameter may not be suitable for all users

• Some may find knurling too aggressive for their hands

10. 20 kg Lone Star | Deadlift Power Bar
20 kg Lone Star | Deadlift Power Bar

The Lone Star Power Bar is a great product because it features a 200,000 PSI tensile strength for superior longevity, knurling for an excellent grip and a micro-finished steel shaft for superior performance and comfort. Additionally, its black zinc finish prevents rust and corrosion from occurring, allowing for a product that can last for years under heavy loads. Finally, its center knurling helps keep lifters stable and balanced when using the barbell.

Pros & Cons


• High quality steel (203,000psi) and tolerances

• Hard chrome and Cerakote finishes

• Lifetime warranty

• Center knurling offers better grip

• Tensile strength tested to 200,000 pounds

• Bushing system securely holds weight plates

• Wide-variety of weight increments


• Limited loading capacity (1,500 lbs)

• More expensive than many slower bars

• Inadequate spin for heavier lifting

11. Mini Deadlift Bar Jack
Mini Deadlift Bar Jack

The Rogue Fitness Mini Deadlift Bar Jack is a great product because it makes quickly and easily changing barbell weight during workouts an achievable goal. Its design utilizes a low-profile, manually operated rack and pinion system to safely support and lift the barbell up or down. Made of premium steel and featuring a powder-coat finish, the Mini Deadlift Bar Jack is an ideal addition to any gym or training facility.

Pros & Cons


• Durable Steel Construction

• Versatile Use Across Different Workouts

• No Need to Bend Over to Load & Unload Barbells

• Weight Capacity up to 600lbs

• Includes 4 Floor & Carpet protection discs

• Handle Makes Maneuverability Easier


• Not Recommended for Full Powerlifting Sets

• Must be Stored in an Upright Position

• Weight Capacity may not be Suitable for Every Lifter

12. Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack
Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

The Bar Jack from Rogue Fitness is a great product because it is a versatile, heavy-duty power rack that allows users to perform weight lifting exercises in many different ways. The heavy-duty steel frame is designed to handle maximum weight loads, making it suitable for power lifting, Olympic lifting, or any other type of lifting exercise. This product also features adjustable heights, giving you the freedom to perform exercises at different heights and angles to suit your needs. Additionally, the bar jack has designated storage areas for plates or extra equipment, making it easy to keep your gym organized and tidy.

Pros & Cons


+ Made of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel

+ Supports 500 lbs

+ Features Rogue’s signature knurling

+ Portable, lightweight and easy to manipulate

+ Patented Saddle-Style Design

+ Multi-Grip design allows for strong hand-holds


+ High price point

+ Pads may not be suitable for heavier weights

+ Not suitable for Olympic barbells

+ Hard plastic handle grips may cause discomfort if used for heavy lifting

13. Mini Deadlift Bar Jack
Mini Deadlift Bar Jack

The Mini Deadlift Bar Jack by OneFitWonder is an outstanding product for anyone looking to improve their deadlift form, range of motion, and overall power. This bar jack assists in positioning the barbell during warm-up sets or heavy attempts by allowing users to lift the bar off the floor with ease. It's designed to fit the barbell securely, preventing any excessive wiggle or play from occurring—eliminating the need for a spotter on each side. The ridged design prevents the bar from slipping off and damaging the floor. The mini-size makes it lightweight and easy to store, ensuring that it fits even in the smallest of gym spaces and can be taken along to competitions or personal gyms. Additionally, the use of this bar jack in conjunction with the correct form and an elite level of self-awareness and control can drastically reduce injury risk, as it helps with unnatural loading positions.

Pros & Cons


-Easily adjustable height

-Sturdy construction

-Lightweight and compact for portability

-Smooth action when raising and lowering barbell

-Bumpers included for protection and security


-Requires adequate ceiling clearance for use

-Only suitable for barbells up to 1,000 lbs.

-Less stable than other barbell jacks

14. Texas Deadlift Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar

The Sorinex Texas Deadlift Bar is a great product for any home gym. It's made of top quality heat treated chromoly steel, so it won't bend or break when you're lifting heavy weights. It's also finished in black zinc, which acts as an anti-rust coating and gives it a stylish look. The grip on the bar is comfortable and knurled, giving you ultimate control when you're training. It features professional-level bearings for the smoothest possible performance. Finally, its length at 2.2m makes it ideal for deadlifting, allowing you to use an effective range of motion with your lifts.

Pros & Cons


• High-tensile strength 12-gauge steel tubing

• Bar dimensions of 28mm diameter, 50-inch long with loadable sleeve ends

• Improved design for good whip and flex

• Limited lifetime warranty for durable use

• Knurled handle increases grip


• High price tag

• Could be too heavy for some people

• Does not come pre-assembled

15. TITAN Series Deadlift Bar
TITAN Series Deadlift Bar

The Titan Series Deadlift Bar from Titan Fitness is an excellent barbell for strength and power training. Its 190K Tensile Strength steel construction make it incredibly durable, offering a dependable, long-lasting bar that you can use for any heavy lifting exercises. The bearings on the sleeves are smooth and durable, allowing for fast, seamless transitions between exercises. The collar diameter is a snug 2” and features a tapered sleeve design, providing a comfortable grip. This bar is designed to reduce the risk of strain and fatigue as you work out. The multipurpose bar allows you to use it for deadlifts, bent rows, barbell squats, and chest presses. With its strong, resilient steel construction and versatility, this barbell is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality weightlifting bar.

Pros & Cons


• Powerlifting-approved, knurled shaft diameter

• High grade all-steel construction

• Stress-tested, up to 1500 lb. capacity

• 28mm diameter, 215KSI tensile strength steel

• Medium depth diamond knurling for increased grip

• Overall length of 84”


• No center knurling for improved grip on deadlifts

• Limited collars size (50mm)

• Not suitable for Olympic weightlifting