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Top 15 Squat Stands for Your Home Gym

Posted May 13, 2023
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Are you an avid gym-goer looking to beef up your gym game? Look no further than the top 15 deals on Squat Stands! From the Bridge Phoenix Squat Rack to the Rogue 90 Monster Lite Squat Stand, this compilation of squat stands includes some of the strongest and most reliable products to help you get the most out of your workouts. Whether you're looking for a single bar, multi-grip bar, or kipping bar squat rack, you'll find plenty to choose from here. With these solid metal offerings from PRxPerformance, FringeSport, and Rogue Fitness, you'll be able to rest assured your squats are secure and stable. Plus, you can build your own package to get exactly what you need to make your squat routine shift from good to great! Save money and effort with the convenience of these top 15 deals on Squat Stands and make your dream gym setup a reality.

1. Phoenix Squat Rack
Phoenix Squat Rack

The Bridge Phoenix Squat Rack is a great product because it is incredibly versatile and durable. It is made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel and features a laser-cut height indicator, pull-up bar, and multi-grip dip bar. It also has 4 weight pegs so it can be used for heavy lifting and dynamic exercises. The rack also features height, width, and depth adjustability so it can be used for multiple exercises, making it a great choice for any home gym.

Pros & Cons


• Solid steel construction for durability

• Multi-grip pull-up bar for added versatility

• Adjustable height for customizable workouts

• Rock-solid stability for safe exercise

• Compact design saves floor space

• Includes optional catch bars for bench pressing


• Expensive price tag

• Limited range of motion on multi-grip pull-up bar

• Lack of storage space for weights

2. Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™
Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™

The PRX 2x3 Profile Kip is a great product because it is made with exceptionally high-quality materials. The profile is precision-crafted meaning it is safe and reliable to use, and it features powder-coated steel to ensure a long lasting, durable finish. Additionally, this product is multi-functional, allowing it to be used either as a pull-up bar or as a dip station, giving you more bang for your buck. Finally, this product is extremely easy to install and its compact size makes it perfect for home and commercial gym settings.

Pros & Cons


• Durable and lightweight aluminum frame

• Available in 6 different sizes to accommodate any space

• Includes ladder and cage accessories

• All-in-one solution for your gym setup

• Easy to assemble

• Can be used to perform a variety of exercises


• Can be pricey

• Some parts may have to be ordered separately

• More difficult for at-home use due to size and complexity of setup

3. Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™
Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™

The PRX Performance 3x3 Profile Rack Pro with Kipping Bar is a great product because it is perfect for optimizing strength workouts and increasing gains. It is a heavy-duty rack that is built to last and has adjustable safety bar catches that are adjustable to multiple heights. Additionally, it comes with a thickened kipping bar for enhanced strength and mobility for gymnastic type moves. The 3x3 construction of the rack makes it very stable and rigid during use.

Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty steel construction

• Adjustable in width and depth

• Kipping bar is a great addition for kipping pull-ups

• The ability to add attachments, such as spotter arms, j-hooks, and more

• Powder coated for increased durability

• Weight capacity of 600 lbs


• Expensive

• Heavy and cumbersome to assemble

• Not suitable for all types of workout movements

4. Profile® ONE Folding Squat Rack
Profile® ONE Folding Squat Rack

The Profile Squat Rack from PRX Performance is a great product for beginner and advanced lifters alike because of its sturdy 11-gauge steel construction, versatility, and unique adjustable design. Its unique adjustable design allows you to customize your workout to best fit your needs, as it can fit barbells and athletes of all sizes. Additionally, its textured powder coat finish provides extra durability compared to other options on the market. Furthermore, its adjustable arms can be adjusted to provide stability with any Olympic or standard size barbell. Lastly, its included safety arms with rubber end caps ensure that your workouts are safe and secure.

Pros & Cons


• Easy to assemble and adjust.

• Sturdy and secure frame.

• Features multiple safety features to protect the user.

• Has optional bands and pull-up posts, allowing for a variety of exercises.

• Offers wheels and pull handle for easy transportation.


• Expensive compared to other squat racks.

• Requires regular maintenance to ensure a secure and stable frame.

• Does not include barbell and weights.

• May be too heavy for some to move on their own.

5. Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar
Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar

The Profile Rack Single Bar by PRx Performance is a great product because it is heavy-duty and optimized for strength, stability and customizability. It is made of 2"x3" 11-gauge steel and features heavy-duty 3/8" hardware to create a strong and durable rack. The rack can hold up to 450 pounds and come with 2 adjustable safeties and 4 J-hooks. It is easily transportable with the included wheels and adjustable feet for leveling on any surface. It is also compact in design, so it doesn’t take up much space. It is great for storage and commercial use, making it perfect for any gym set up.

Pros & Cons


• Extremely Sturdy - Made from heavy-duty 2x3" steel and 11-gauge wall Thickness

• Versatile - Features an integrated pull-up bar, band pegs and plate storage

• Includes Safety Spotter Arms - Offers extra safety to your routine exercises

• Reliable - The rack is designed as an extension to PRx Performance racks

• Adjustable - Fully adjustable width and depth allows for added customization

• Protip Powder-Coated Finish – Offers better scratch and corrosion resistance


• Not Transportable – This model isn't designed for easy transportation

• Limited Options – This rack does not have a squat variation or landmine

• Price – This product may be pricier than other commercial racks

6. BYO Package - Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™
BYO Package - Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™

The Profile Squat Rack with Kipping Bar is a great product because it is long-lasting, incredibly sturdy, and extremely versatile. It features a unique j-hook sleeve system which allows for a variety of workouts, including kipping movements as well as bench press, overhead press, and squat. It is also constructed with safety in mind and has a robust steel frame. The rack has adjustable bar catches and j-hooks to ensure support and a safe range-of-motion. Additionally, the rack is designed with a large 50" footprint to distribute the weight better and provides stability. This item is ideal for any level of lifter - from beginner to advanced - and makes for a great addition to any home gym.

Pros & Cons


• Quality construction and industrial grade materials

• Customizable to fit the needs of any weight lifter

• Uprights adjustable between 30” – 54”

• Industrial grade powder coating

• Heavy-duty J-Hooks with UHMW plastic inserts to protect your bar

• Lifetime warranty

• Built-in Westside Hole spacing pattern

• Ability to add additional accessories easily


• Heavier than other squat racks

• Can be more expensive depending on the accessories included

• Not as spacious as a full power cage or rack

7. Profile® PRO Folding Squat Rack
Profile® PRO Folding Squat Rack

The 3x3 Profile Squat Rack Pro is a great product due to its solid construction and convenience. Made of solid steel, it provides the needed stability and strength to safely lift and press heavy weights. It can also be quickly and easily adjusted without the need for tools, so changing up the height for squats, bench presses, and chin-ups can be done in no time. Furthermore, the oversized bar and plate storage allows for safe and convenient storage, ensuring a tidy home gym set up.

Pros & Cons


- Made from heavy-duty steel and iron components

- Compatible with most flat bench, Olympic barbells, and accessories

- Multi-grip pull-up station

- Robust and durable design

- Pin and pipe safety system

- Generous height clearance


- No weight plate storage

- Not suitable for 30mm Olympic bars

- Limited compatibility with certain accessories

- More expensive than other squat racks

8. BYO Package - Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar
BYO Package - Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar

The PRX Performance Start Profile Pro Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar BYO Package is a great product because it offers a variety of different features in one. It includes an integrated storage system, adjustable spotter arms, and a wide range of safety features as well. The profile's design ensures that the user is able to perform a wide range of movements with ease and safety. It also features wheel-levelers, sturdy metal construction, and an adjustable height range. The Product is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get serious about their weightlifting workouts and achieve their desired results.

Pros & Cons


• High-quality construction with heavy-duty steel

• Sturdy & stable design

• Power rack with safety spotter arms

• Includes adjustable & removeable multi-grip bar

• Can be used for squats, bench press and other challenging exercises

• Accessible for all heights


• Expensive

• Barbells are not included

• Difficult to assemble

• Limited space for storing weights

9. BYO Package - Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar
BYO Package - Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar

The Start Profile Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar by PRx Performance is a great product because it is perfect for any home gym. It is strong and stable, with a steel frame and hardware. With its adjustable j-hooks and four pull-up bar positions, it's versatile enough to handle any kind of lifting, from Olympic lifting to more intense powerlifting exercises. The unique design fits perfectly in workout spaces of any size and is a great investment for any home gym enthusiast who wants something that will last a long time without taking up too much space.

Pros & Cons


- Affordable

- Heavy duty construction and materials

- Easy assemble

- Includes pullup bar

- Multiple anchor points to choose from

- Includes height adjustability


- Not designed to fold up

- Limited height adjustability

- Limited color options

10. Garage Series Squat Rack w/ Pull Up
Garage Series Squat Rack w/ Pull Up

The Squat Rack with Pullup Bar by OneFitWonder Life Series is a great product because it is made of heavy-duty steel construction, making it highly durable. It features a multi-grip pull-up bar with the ability to perform various exercise movements including pull ups, chin-ups, and rows. It also has a spotter arms, adjustable bar catches, and an adjustable pull-up bar, enabling you to customize your workout to target specific muscle groups. Additionally, the squat rack has a long-term warranty ensuring it is a long-term solution to your fitness routine.

Pros & Cons


-Heavy Duty Steel Construction

-Numbered and precise j-hooks for easy use

-Easy to assemble

-Bar/j-hooks safety stops for improved safety

-Multiple chin-up bar height adjustments

-Comes with essential accessories for a full body workout

-4 year warranty for piece of mind


-Weighs 275 lbs, making it somewhat difficult to move

-Not wall-mountable

-Relatively expensive

11. BYO Package - Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar
BYO Package - Profile® ONE Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar

This product from PRx Performance is an excellent choice for those looking for an all-in-one package for strength training. It features an adjustable height squat rack with a heavy-duty tube frame and multiple grip points, making it ideal for use with barbells, power bands, and other fitness accessories. Additionally, it comes with a pull-up bar, a dip station, and a landmine attachment. The safety arms included with the rack provide a secure and stable foundation. This rack is perfect for those who are looking to get into strength training, but don't want to sacrifice on features.

Pros & Cons


-Heavy-duty construction for maximum durability

-Adjustable spotter arms for security and safety

-Multi-grip bar with knurling for added grip strength

-J-cups are adjustable and made of high-density rubber

-Compact size ideal for home gyms and limited space


-Expensive compared to other similar products

-Does not include additional accessories such as weight plates or barbells

12. SML-2 Rogue 90" Monster Lite Squat Stand
SML-2 Rogue 90" Monster Lite Squat Stand

The Rogue 90 Monster Lite Squat Stand is a great product because it is made of quality materials and offers a great range of motion. Its adjustable, 41” to 84” tall steel tube design allows athletes of all sizes to perform squats, rack pulls and shoulder shrugs within their natural range of motion. Its unique foot assembly also allows the stand to be easily stabilized while in use. Additionally, the squat stand comes equipped with heavy-duty steel construction and reinforced gussets, making it strong and stable enough to support up to 1,000lb loads. The stand also has a powder coated finish to help it resist corrosion and rust which is great for repeated use.

Pros & Cons


-Adjustable width and height

-Set up and take down relatively quickly

-Designed to be stable and durable

-Will fit in all standard power racks

-Includes an integrated pull-up bar

-Built with 11-gauge steel

-Compact enough for small spaces


-Only comes in one color option

-Requires additional accessories for certain kinds of exercises

-Could be expensive for some buyers

-Requires assembly

13. Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand
Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand

The Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand is an incredibly versatile and sturdy piece of equipment, perfect for any weightlifter's home gym. It features solid 11-gauge steel construction for maximum stability, with individually-adjustable Westside hole spacing for bar placement. Its 4x3" base tubing adds extra rigidity, while giving it a lightweight feel. With its high 1000 lb max weight capacity, you can be sure that the Rogue SML-2C will be up to your toughest workouts. Plus, its sleek matte black finish will match any home gym aesthetic.

Pros & Cons


•High-quality, 11-gauge steel construction

•Easy to assemble and configure

•User-friendly design

•Offers a wide range of height adjustments

•Compact size, ideal for limited workout spaces

•Highly durable

•Can support an impressive 1,000+ lb of weight


•Heavy, so not easy to move

•High price tag

14. BYO Package - Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™
BYO Package - Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Kipping Bar™

The START Profile Pro Squat Rack with Kipping Bar is a great product because it offers highly customizable features in a professional grade product. It features a pull-up bar, dip station, and kipping bar, allowing for a variety of exercises to target a variety of muscle groups. The design also utilizes spotter arms and heavy-duty J-hooks for safety and weight capacity. Additionally, the product is also easy to assemble, meaning it can be used in almost any home gym or garage.

Pros & Cons


• Heavy Duty Steel Construction

• Accommodates Olympic Barbells and Bumper Plates

• Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar with Kipping Bar

• Adjustable Spotter Arms and Barbell Holders

• Fully Assembled (ready to use)


• Expensive upfront cost

• No weight storage on the unit

• Aesthetically not as sleek as some competitors

15. Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar
Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar

The Profile Pro Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar is a great product for anyone looking for a safe, adjustable, and customizable rack for their home gym. The profile of the rack allows it to fit into tight spaces and the heavy-duty construction can hold up to 600lbs. The multi-grip bar provides a variety of positions and allows for different exercise styles and grip widths while the customizable j-cups can be adjusted to accommodate other attachments. It also features numbered holes which makes adjustments easy and simple. This durable squat rack is perfect for those looking to get into powerlifting, weight training and other workouts.

Pros & Cons


•Multi-grip bar to accommodate a variety of exercise movements

•Heavy-duty construction for maximum support

•Adjustable height to suit a range of heights

•Compact design allows for minimal space requirements

•Includes adjustable bands for extra resistance


•Costly compared to some basic squat racks

•Can be difficult to assemble

•No storage area for weights or accessories