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Top 6 deals on benches

Posted May 13, 2023
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Are you looking for a great deal on quality gym benches? Look no further! From Titan Fitness to Rep Fitness to ForceUSA, we've got top-rated benches at unbeatable prices lined up and ready for you to take advantage of. With a vast range of bench styles available, including the Hefty Bench V2, Hefty Replacement Pad V2, Wright GIAB Bench and Wright Incline Bench from Titan, the AB 5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench and the ForceUSA Pro Series FID Bench, you're sure to find the perfect bench to meet your training needs. Don't miss out on these amazing deals--shop now!

1. Hefty Bench V2 - 15% off
Hefty Bench V2

This Hefty Bench v2 from Titan Fitness gives you the best of both worlds - strength and comfort. For commercial gyms or home workouts, the Hefty Bench v2 is the perfect choice. The frame is made out of 2x2-inch 11-gauge steel for an incredibly tough, durable frame. The legs feature rubberizied steel feet, which ensure that the bench won't slip or wobble during your most intense workouts. The bench top comes upholstered with 2" thick comfortable ferdloam padding and durable, heavy-duty black vinyl with white double-stitching to give it a stylish look. The Hefty Bench v2 has a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. and it comes with a 5-year frame warranty.


Overall, the reviews for the Hefty Bench V2 from Titan Fitness are overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise its simple and straightforward assembly as well as its sturdy construction, thick padding, and comfortable cushioning. Additionally, the reviews mention that the metal frame is very solid and easy to maneuver. Several people also note its excellent value for the price.

2. Hefty Replacement Pad V2 - 15% off
Hefty Replacement Pad V2

This Hefty Replacement Pad from Titan Fitness is great for any standard weight lifting bench. It features 13.75-inch rolled foam padding, making it both comfortable and durable. The Hefty Replacement Pad is constructed with a heavyduty vinyl cover that's easy to clean. The heavy gauged steel connectors allow you to make quick and secure connections to the bench frame. It is easy to install, and a great way to upgrade your old bench.


Most of the reviews for the Hefty Replacement Pad V2 are positive, praising its strong construction and good value for money. Most people noted that it was very comfortable and provided adequate stability while using. Additionally, many reviewers commented on its reliability and durability, noting that it had held up well over time despite regular use.

3. Wright GIAB Bench - 25% off
Wright GIAB Bench

The Wright-GIab Bench is an adjustable weight bench from Wright Equipment. It has an adjustable backrest for optimal support and comfort for weight lifting. This bench features a double sided pad with a solid-steel frame that is designed for both free weights and machines. It has a seven position adjustable backrest and three adjustable seat positions. This bench is designed to provide users with the optimal support and comfort needed for their exercise routines. It also has a built-in transport handle and is stackable for easy storage and transport. The Wright-GIab Bench also has an extra-wide and thick padded surface for extra comfort while lifting.


The reviews for the Wright GI/AB Bench are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising its robust construction and adjustable features. Customers praise the overall quality of the bench, as well as the price point. Several customers state that the bench is easy to assemble, and provides an excellent workout platform. Customers also speak highly of the customer service and the company's willingness to help or answer any questions.

4. WRIGHT USA D1 Flat Incline Bench - 0% off
WRIGHT USA D1 Flat Incline Bench

The Wright Incline Bench is a great option for anyone looking to expand their workout routine. It is designed for a variety of exercises and features an adjustable angle for optimization. With its durable frame and comfortable back support, this bench is perfect for home use. It is also easy to assemble, taking less than twenty minutes to put together. The bench has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, allowing for challenging exercises.


Overall, the reviews of the Wright Incline Bench are mostly positive. Customers appreciate the sturdy construction, comfortable padding, and attractive design of the bench. Several customers report that the bench is easy to assemble, and it takes up relatively little space. Many note that the backrest can be adjusted to ensure proper posture for any workout, and also mention that the bench can support a lot of weight. Several customers also report that the bench is an excellent value for the price.

5. AB-5000 ZeroGap Adjustable Weight Bench - 23% off
AB-5000 ZeroGap Adjustable Weight Bench

The AB-5000 Zero-Gap Adjustable Bench is an adjustable weight bench from Rep Fitness. It has a black paint finish, 4" foam padding and 4 adjustable back pad angles from decline to military press. It also has engineered steel construction and a 1000 lb weight capacity. It also has an ergonomic design with a built-in handle and transport wheels for easy mobility. The AB-5000 Adjustable Bench is perfect for home gyms and commercial facilities.


The reviews for the Rep Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench are overwhelmingly positive. Many customers noted the sturdiness and construction of the bench as well as being impressed with its versatility. The height and angle adjustments are praised, and people appreciate the plethora of workouts that the bench can facilitate. Overall, customers are happy with their purchase and would highly recommend it to others.

6. Force USA Pro Series FID Bench - 29% off
Force USA Pro Series FID Bench

The Force USA Pro Series FID Bench is a versatile bench designed for a wide range of fitness activities. It has a strong steel frame construction, adjustable back rest and a heavy-duty lift rack. The bench can be adjusted from flat to 30, 45, 60, and 90 degree angles. It also has a built-in dumbbell holder for easy storage. The FID bench is designed for users up to 300 lbs and is compatible with multiple attachment accessories that allows for exercises such as leg extensions, curls, preacher curls and leg presses. The bench also comes with a limited warranty of five years.


Overall, ForceUSA's Pro Series FID Bench is highly rated by customers. Most reviewers praise its solid construction, adjustable features, and space-saving capability. Additionally, many consumers commend its price point and multiple workout options. Customers also note that it is easy to assemble and is a great addition to any home gym.