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Top 6 deals on rack accessories

Posted May 13, 2023
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Are you getting ready to revamp your gym or home gym with quality equipment? Look no further, as PRXPerformance and Titan Fitness are offering deals on their latest products! From the Profile Folding Bench to the Titan Series adjustable lever arms, Titan Fitness has you covered when it comes to safety bars, crossmembers, strap safety systems and more. Get ready to upgrade your workout space with these affordable and reliable items now!

1. PRx Profile® Flat Folding Bench - 5% off
PRx Profile® Flat Folding Bench

The PRX Performance Profile Folding Bench is a great addition to any home gym. It features an adjustable back rest that can be set in 4 different positions, from decline to full upright. The bench also has 2 separate flip adjustments, allowing you to increase or decrease the bench angle. This great bench also has 2 heights, 18" or 20", which allows you to customize your workout to suit your needs. The Profile Folding Bench is perfect for any home gym and allows you to get the same workout as a commercial gym. When not in use, the bench easily folds up and can be stored away easily. It's even light enough to take on the go, making your workouts possible anywhere!


The reviews for PRX Performance's Profile Folding Bench are generally positive. Customers are particularly impressed with the product's durability and ease of setup. Many customers also appreciate how comfortable the bench is and how easy it is to adjust to multiple positions. Many customers also mentioned how convenient the folding design of the bench is, as they can easily store it away when not in use. All in all, customers have found the bench highly functional and a great value for the price.

2. T-3 Series Flip-Down Safety Bars - 20% off
T-3 Series Flip-Down Safety Bars

This deal is for the T-3 Series Flip Down Safety Bars from Titan Fitness. The Flip Down Safety Bars are perfect for any lifting rack and can be easily adjusted and repositioned as needed. The bars are constructed of 2 x 3 11-gauge steel for durability and strength and have black powdercoat finish for maximum protection. The overall dimensions are 49”W x 4 3/4”H x 3 3/4”D. The safety bars come with plastic UHMW lining for protecting your barbell and the arms are adjustable from 27 1/2” to 39”W. The safety bars are designed to fit both single-sided and double-sided T-3 Series racks and are easy to install and use.


Many of the reviews for https://www.titan.fitness/racks/rack-accessories/t-3-series/t-3-series-flip-down-safety-bars/FDWNS_T3.html are positive, with customers citing the product's ease of installation and stability. Customers also report that the safety bars provide a great sense of security during lifting, and that the quality of the product is good for the price. Several reviewers also mention that the bars are well-built, and that they are an excellent addition to any power rack or squat rack.

3. TITAN Series Strap Safety System - 25% off
TITAN Series Strap Safety System

The Titan Safety Strap System is a great way to increase safety during lifts, especially those that involve heavier weights. The system works by providing two straps, one for each side of the power rack. When placed and tightened, the straps create an additional layer of protection and stability while you exercise. The straps allow spotters to quickly and easily assist with heavy lifts and also provide extra support for heavier loads. With the straps, you can stay safe and be sure that you will be able to safely complete your lift.


The reviews for this product are largely positive, with many customers praising its construction quality, ease of installation, and functionality. Many customers also noted how the safety straps were adjustable and could be used with a variety of different racks and weight bench systems, while others noted how they were great for preventing accidental weight drops. Overall, customers were pleased with the quality and function of this safety system.

4. X-3 Series Crossmember With Gussets - 10% off
X-3 Series Crossmember With Gussets

This deal is for the X-3 Series Crossmember with Gussets by Titan. This accessory is made to be compatible with the X-3 Series rack and provides additional stability and safety to users. The product is constructed from heavy-duty steel and is backed by Titan’s robust limited lifetime warranty. The unit is designed to be incredibly easy to install and maintain. This accessory is a must-have for users of the X-3 Series racks and is an excellent value.


The reviews for the Titan Fitness X-3 Crossmember with Gussets (401365) are overwhelmingly positive. Customers commend this product for its superior build quality, sturdy construction and great value for money. Many rave about how easily it installed onto their rack, and how stable and durable it is. Customers also praise the sleek design that adds a professional look to their rack.

5. T-3 Series Strap Safety System - 20% off
T-3 Series Strap Safety System

The T3 Series Strap Safety System by Titan Fitness features two independent straps with ergonomic handles that attach to your rack. The sturdy straps are designed to help reduce the risk of injury during weightlifting and provide secure and stable weightlifting support. They are compatible with T-3 Series Rack, the T-2 Series Flat Foot Rack, and the X-3 Series Power Rack. The steel construction is rated to hold up to 1000 lbs. of weight. This strap safety system comes complete with two safety straps and all required hardware for installation.


Overall, the reviews for the T3 Series Strap Safety System from Titan Fitness are very positive. Customers appreciate how the system is designed so that the locks are easy to open and close and are very secure. They also like how the straps are adjustable to fit different rack heights and widths. People find the system to be very sturdy and well made, as well as durable. They appreciate how easy it is to set up, and many mention that it is an excellent buy for the price.

6. TITAN Series Adjustable Lever Arms - 5% off
TITAN Series Adjustable Lever Arms

The Titan Series Adjustable Lever Arms are perfect for implementing a full range of exercises into any home or gym routine. This deal includes a pair of adjustable lever arms, each with a unique quick-adjust pin to let you quickly swap out one weight for another, allowing you to challenge yourself as you progress. Suitable for a variety of exercises, from bench press to shoulder press, these adjustable lever arms come with a one-year construction warranty.


Overall, reviewers of this product have had a positive experience. Across several websites, customer reviews mention that the Titan Series Adjustable Lever Arms are sturdy, versatile, and well-made. Many customers found that the construction is of good quality and the adjustments are easy to make. Others commented that the lever arms are a great addition to their home gym and they were able to use them for different exercises. Some reviews mention that the price is a bit expensive but overall they are satisfied with the product.