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Top 7 deals on kettlebells

Posted Jun 2, 2023
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Are you looking to get your hands on some quality kettlebells without breaking the bank? Look no further - with deals from Wright Equipment, Sorinex, and PRX Performance, you can get the best kettlebells to fit your wants and needs. From cast iron, to vinyl, to PRX's Iron Warriors, you will be able to find the perfect kettlebells for you, and save at the same time!

1. Wright Kettlebells - 0% off
Wright Kettlebells

Wright Equipment is offering a selection of kettlebells, which are iron weights with a handle. These weights come in a variety of sizes (3lbs - 80lbs) and colors (green, black, and rustic). The Kettlebells are designed to help improve grip strength, explosive power, stability, and endurance. They are perfect for swings, cleans, presses, snatches, and other intense exercises. The kettlebells are made from a durable cast iron that is designed to last a lifetime. Wright Equipment also provides a satisfaction guarantee so that customers can be confident they are getting the best quality.


The reviews for Wright Equipment's Kettlebells are generally very positive. Customers praise the product's durability, solid construction, and outstanding performance. Reviewers also praise the customer service, noting that their orders were processed quickly and arrived on time. Ultimately, customers feel that the kettlebells from Wright Equipment are some of the best on the market and worth the investment.

2. Cast Iron Kettlebell - 5% off
Cast Iron Kettlebell

This deal is for a cast iron Kettlebell from Sorinex. They measure in at 50lb and feature your choice of black or chrome handles. The cast iron design has been precision-engineered to achieve a smooth and perfect finish while maintaining the highest level of durability. The kettlebell's slightly offset center of gravity gives them a much more balanced, consistent feel when hoisting. They are corrosion-resistant and designed to be used indoors or outdoors in any climate.


The reviews for Sorinex’s Cast Iron Kettlebell are overwhelmingly positive. Customers report that the kettlebells are well-crafted, durable, and long-lasting. They also comment on the smooth, unwavering handle, which makes kettlebell work more comfortable and effective. Many customers recommend the kettlebells as an excellent piece of equipment to have in a home gym.

3. Ductile Iron Kettlebells - Color Coded - 10% off
Ductile Iron Kettlebells - Color Coded

Sorinex Kettlebells provide a solid cast iron construction and are designed for those looking for traditional kettlebell styles. They come in a range of weight sizes from 5 pounds all the way up to 88 pounds, and the handles feature a no-slip, black-oxide finish to ensure a comfortable and quality grip. The bells are also color coded to make it easy to always select the right weight for your training session and can fit on racks for home and commercial gym use.


Customers who have purchased kettlebells from Sorinex have generally had positive experiences with their products. Many customers commented on the quality of the product, noting that they were well-crafted and durable. Customers also praised the helpful customer service they received from Sorinex. Additionally, reviews highlighted that the kettlebells themselves are well balanced and have a good grip for easy use in workouts.

4. Iron Warrior Kettlebells - Garage Sale - 22% off
Iron Warrior Kettlebells - Garage Sale

Prx Performance's Iron Warrior Kettlebells Garage Sale is a limited-time offer that features different sizes and weights of kettlebells for sale at discounted prices. These kettlebells are manufactured worldwide and are made with a durable iron core, and come with an ergonomic and non-slip handle. They also come with a lifetime warranty and free returns. This limited-time offer is for a limited amount of kettlebells at a reduced price and is a great way to get quality equipment for a great price.


Many of the reviews for PrxPerformance's Iron Warrior Kettlebells Garage Sale are highly positive. Customers compliment the quality construction of the kettlebells and their improved grip compared to other brands. They also praise the wide selection of weights available and the convenient shipping options. Some customers have experienced some challenges with customer service, however most of the reviews are generally positive.

5. PRx Cast Iron Kettlebells - Garage Sale - 52% off
PRx Cast Iron Kettlebells - Garage Sale

PRX Cast Iron Kettlebells Garage Sale is a special deal offering a package of four kettlebells of various weights, starting from 12 lbs and increasing up to 48 lbs. The set is made of cast iron that offers a smooth finish and durability. The kettlebells are ergonomically designed with a wide handle that allows a secure and comfortable grip. The set of bells is ideal for weightlifting, strength and conditioning exercises, and HIIT training.


The reviews for the PRX Cast Iron Kettlebells Garage Sale are generally positive. Customers report that the kettlebells are well-made and are a great value. They also praise the customer service and fast shipping of the product. Many customers recommend the product to anyone looking for a good quality, affordable set of kettlebells.

6. PRx Vinyl Kettlebells - Garage Sale - 38% off
PRx Vinyl Kettlebells - Garage Sale

This deal from PRX Performance offers vinyl kettlebells that are perfect for home use and workouts. They come with a handle for easy grip and transport and the weight is clearly marked on each one. The colors range from 4-12 lbs and are offered in black and pink. They are incredibly durable and have a thick body construction that won't chip or crack over time. These vinyl kettlebells are available for a discounted price, making them an affordable option for any workout routine.


The reviews for the PRX Vinyl Kettlebells Garage Sale are overwhelmingly positive. Customers have praised their durability, ability to withstand wear and tear, and their unique and attractive color scheme. Most customers have found them easy and convenient to use, while others have noted that they're comfortable to hold. Customers have also found them to be highly affordable and great for adding to their home gym. Overall, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the customers seem highly satisfied with their purchase.

7. PRx Vinyl Kettlebells - 64% off
PRx Vinyl Kettlebells

PRX Vinyl Kettlebells are sold in a variety of sizes and colors to add a unique look to any gym. They are made from solid cast iron and are covered with a protective vinyl coating. The powder coating on the kettlebells is said to be scratch and chip resistant, and the handles are designed to be comfortable to hold. They are also sand filled, meaning they are not as dense as steel kettlebells for a more comfortable and enjoyable workout. Kettlebells are a great addition to any gym or workout space for those looking to build strength and conditioning. The range of sizes and colors available make them perfect for mixing and matching to create a diverse and unique look in the gym.


Reviewers of PRX Performance's Vinyl Kettlebells are generally very pleased with the product. People find them to be well-crafted and sturdy with comfortable and ergonomic handles. Many also comment on how easy they are to clean and maintain. In addition, customers praise the company's customer service and fast delivery. Overall, people seem to highly recommend the Vinyl Kettlebells from PRX Performance.