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Wright's Top 10 Highest Rated Products for Your Home Gym

Posted May 14, 2023
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Are you looking for high-quality fitness and strength training equipment for your home gym? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Wright Equipment, we’ve carefully crafted and tested a selection of our top-rated products to bring you the best. From AMP Bumper Plates and Barbells to Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pairs and Resistance Bands, Wright has you covered with the best of the best. Whether you’re just getting started with your home gym setup or you’ve been training for years, we’ve got something for everyone. Take a look at our top 10 most highly-rated products and find the perfect fit for your workout needs. From our popular Wright AMP Bumper Plates to our diverse Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pairs to our versatile Kettlebells to our space-saving Wright Lean Garage Rack, you can trust you’ll be finding the highest quality products with us. We’ve also got Vertical 2 Barbell Hangers and Bumper Plate Wall Mount Storage for those who want to keep their weights well-organized and out of the way. And finally, don’t forget our comprehensive Bar and Bumper Packages which take the guesswork out of setting up your home gym. Get the best of the best at Wright and see what our top 10 most highly rated products have in store for you!

1. Wright AMP Bumper Plates
Wright AMP Bumper Plates

The Wright amp Bumper Plate is one of Wright Equipment's best products because of its durability, safety, and high performance disc design. The bumper plates are made of premium rubber and the solid inner steel discs that give extra protection and strength. The discs also have integrated handles and curved edges that are designed to resist chipping, cracking and deformation while providing a secure grip. The extra thickness adds to the durability, while the chrome plating makes them easy to clean. This plate is perfect for weightlifting, plyometric and HIIT training, and is ideal for use in CrossFit boxes and home gyms.

Pros & Cons


• Made with Virgin Rubber, which is great for reducing noise, reducing bouncing, and increasing longevity

• Accurate weight differentiation between pairs of bumper plates

• Secure steel hub sleeve fits most Olympic bars with no slippage

• Stylish color coding system to easily identify weight


• Costly compared to other bumper plates

• Plates may become damaged over time

• Potential for plates to vibrate when dropped from a height

2. The Wright Bar 20kg Next Generation Bearing Bar
The Wright Bar 20kg Next Generation Bearing Bar

The Wright 20kg bar is one of Wright's best products due to its high-end made quality. This 7ft Olympic weightlifting barbell is made from heavier gauge steel and features a knurl pattern that is perfect for everyday weightlifting. It is fully metallic and the center shaft is soft to the touch and includes a high-performance bearing system that results in zero spin or whip. The bar is a reliable product that won’t let you down and is produced by Wright to meet their exacting standards. Additionally, the bar comes with a lifetime warranty ensuring it is a great investment that will last for years.

Pros & Cons


• Made from high-strength steel

• kg weight allows for a wider range of exercises

• Knurled steel handles for extra grip

• Chrome finish is corrosive-resistant

• Can be used with a variety of weight plates

• Pre-packed collars to keep weights in place


• Price is relatively high for a single barbell

• Weight plates and collars must be purchased separately

• Shipping may not be available to all areas

3. Bar and AMP Bumper Set Package
Bar and AMP Bumper Set Package

The Wright Bar & Bumper Package is one of their best products because it offers a convenient combination of high-quality training products at an affordable price. The package includes a barbell and bumper plates, plus a premium weightlifting belt and a pair of high-performance training gloves. This package is perfect for those new to weight training, as well as experienced lifters who are looking to expand their home training equipment.

Pros & Cons


- Solid steel Construction

• High weight capacity of 1000 lbs

• Durable black powder-coat finish

• Textured gripping points

• Gives great versatility in your workouts


• Not suitable for use with Olympic plates

• Costly compared to other barbells

4. Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells

The Wright Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pairs are some of Wright’s best products because of the high quality construction. The hexagonal shape of the heads help to prevent the dumbbells from rolling away, and their rubber coating helps to reduce noise and protect surfaces from damage. Despite their durable construction, the lightweight dumbbells are extremely easy to use and perfect for any type of exercise routine. Furthermore, the color coding is extremely helpful for keeping track of dumbbell weight.

Pros & Cons


• Ergonomically designed rubber-coated handle for a comfortable and secure grip

• Acute diamonds pattern for better grip and stability

• Ideal for home and commercial use

• Magnetic color-coded end caps help identify weight quickly

• Space-saving compact design

• Hexagonal shape prevents dumbbells from rolling

• Sets available from 2.5 - 125lbs


• Expensive compared to other dumbbells sets

• The end caps may eventually break overtime if not taken care of properly

• Handle may become uncomfortable when heavier weights are in use

5. Rubber Grip Olympic Plates
Rubber Grip Olympic Plates

Wright's Rubber Grip Olympic Change Plates are one of their best products because they are incredibly durable and safe to use. The rubber coating helps protect the plates from damage and makes them easier to handle when switching out plates. They are designed to fit barbells with a 2-inch collar and are for use in Olympic weight training. They are color coded, which makes it easier to quickly identify the weights you need to use. The plates are sold in sizes from 1.25lbs to 45 lbs, allowing for incremental weight increases during your workout.

Pros & Cons


• Affordable price point

• Constructed with thick, durable rubber

• Color-coded design for easy weight recognition

• Features molded-in stainless steel inserts for easy loading/unloading

• Added grip for extra safety and stability

• Offers even distribution of weights for balance and control

• Can be used with a variety of Olympic weight lifting bars


• Limited in weight size; from 2.5lbs to 25lbs

• Non-collapsible design, making storage more cumbersome

• Not suitable for lighter weight users due to size and weight

6. Wright Kettlebells