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Lifting Chain

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Lifting Chain

The 25lb Set Lifting Chain from American Barbell is an innovative strength training tool designed to help athletes reach their full potential and optimize their workouts. This quality set includes five 10lb rubber-coated iron chain links with double-end snap-hooks. The unique design of the chain allows users to attach and add weight quickly without interrupting their workout. It is ideal for people who prefer to lift heavy weights as it can quickly add a substantial amount of weight to any exercise. The rubber coating helps to protect against rust and damage, extending the life of the chain and ensuring a safer workout experience. The easy-to-use design ensures that athletes can quickly and safely customize their weights and increase their strength. The chain is suitable for a range of exercises and lifts, allowing users to gain power, strength, and balance with each use. The chain features rounded provided links with hooked ends, allowing users to easily attach clips onto weight plates, weight plates, or Olympic bars. It also features an integrated swivel which provides less resistance while lifting to ensure a smoother and more comfortable workout. The set comes in an attractive, easy-to-store carrying case to help keep the chain safe during storage and transport. The 25lb Set Lifting Chain from American Barbell is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a safely and easily adjustable weight lifting solution.

  • 25LB Lifting Chain Set

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  • 45LB Lifting Chain Set

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  • 55LB Lifting Chain Set

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Pros & Cons


• Constructed of high-quality steel for durability

• Chain links are electroplated for rust-protection

• Add an extra level of resistance to your workouts

• Includes two 25-pound chains and two snap clips

• Won’t affect flooring in your home gym


• Can be difficult to attach to a barbell

• Must be careful when resting chains on the gym floor

• Chains can be noisy during workouts

• Not suitable for use with light to moderate weight.

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Versatile - suitable for a variety of weightlifting moves

• Durable - constructed of reinforced steel links

• Portable - can travel easily to the gym or fitness center

• Affordable - less expensive than a full Smith rack or cable system

Should Not Buy:

• Not ideal for beginners - requires prior knowledge and skill in weightlifting

• Not suitable for bodybuilding - the 25 pounds of total weight is not enough to build muscle mass

• Requires additional attachments - additional products such as collars and clips are necessary for use


-Durable solid steel construction

-Standard 10mm thick chain link with a black phosphate finish

-Available in lengths up to 40 feet

-Ideal for power lifting, strongman, and CrossFit movements

-Every chain includes 4 carabiners (2 long & 2 short)

-Every chain includes 2 extra links for easily adjusting chain length

Weight205 lbs
MaterialBlack Oxide Finish
Number of Collars2
ProductWeightMaterialLinksNumber of CollarsPrice
Yaheetech Lifting Chain205 lbsZinc Plated722$31.99
Outdoro Olympic Fitness Chain160 lbsZinc Finish722$59.99
Fringe Sport Lifting Chain120 lbsGold Oxide Finish722$249
Viv a Valu Lifting Chain185 lbsZinc Finish622$54.95

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