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Agility Cone

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Agility Cone

-pack The American Barbell Agility Cone Pack is an important tool for developing and honing athletic capacities such as agility, balance, and speed. This set of six brightly-colored cones is perfect for use in a variety of athletic and fitness settings as it can be used as markers for drills, hurdles, footwork patterns and obstacle courses in order to help build skill sets and technique. Each of the durable cones is constructed with a flexible lightweight material that has the capacity to collapse into a pocket-size with the help of the accompanying steel frame. The portable frame also allows for quick set-up and take-down of drills, for mobility and convenience. The bright colors of each cone are great aids for running drills that include multiple changes in directions and can easily be seen outdoors on sunny days. With games and drills that are easy to modify on the go, this cone pack is a great way to challenge each athlete both physically and mentally.

  • 7" tall

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  • 11.8" Tall

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Pros & Cons


• Bright, vibrant colors make the cones easy to spot.

• Surface made of a durable, high-grade rubber.

• Includes a convenient drawstring carry bag for storage and portability.

• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


• Cones are flat and may be easily kicked in order to move them.

• Slight bi-lateral flex when compression carrying the cone.

• Some customers have mentioned the screws that hold the flagpole come loose over time.

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Quality construction – American Barbell is known for producing high- quality equipment

• Portable design – the Agility Cone is easy to transport and store

• Versatile training accessory – the Agility Cone can be used in a variety of exercise regimens

Should Not Buy:

• If you don't actively exercise – the Agility Cone may not be suitable for individuals who are not regularly in the gym

• If you don't have enough space in your home – the Agility Cone takes up a considerable amount of space and may not be suitable for small living quarters


• Durable non-slip rubber base

• Color: Black

• Round flat disk design

• Size: 6” diameter

• Height: 2 ¼”

• Brightly-colored bright orange cone top

• Heavy duty bold graphics

• Compatible with standard agility ladder clips

ProductDurabilityVariety of Color OptionsNon-Cone Options
American Barbell Agility ConeDurableYesNo
JBM Speed and Agility Cone SetDurableYesNo
MegaFunSpeed Soccer ConesDurableYesYes
Xn8 Sports Set Agility ConesDurableNoNo

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