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American Barbell 160lb Sand Bag

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American Barbell 160lb Sand Bag

The American Barbell 160lb Loadable Sandbag is a weighted equipment piece designed specifically for strength and conditioning, CrossFit training, and HIIT workouts. It is made from strong and durable fabric that can withstand demanding workouts and is guaranteed against ripping and normal wear and tear. This sandbag is designed to be filled with sand and then sealed, allowing you to adjust the weight of the bag depending on your fitness needs. It features a double-stitched, heavy-duty construction and two carry handles configured to make it easy to move around or to perform weightlifting lumberjack-style lifts. The sandbag also includes a protective inner liner that offers additional protection for the sand and keeps it from spilling out. In terms of size, the American Barbell 160lb Loadable Sandbag is 12 inches in diameter, with a total length of 20 inches. It offers plenty of volume to accommodate up to 160 pounds of sand. It also offers a weatherproof coating to make sure it’s ready for outdoor workouts. Overall, the American Barbell 160lb Loadable Sandbag is a great choice for athletes looking for an effective way to increase their strength and conditioning, power output, and HIIT endurance alike. Its waterproof construction makes it usable in any type of weather and its large carry handles offer an easy way to transport it to and from the gym.


Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty Construction with triple-composite dog bone stitch and reinforcement buckles

• Hard wearing, durable material won’t tear or deform

• Resistant to weather and resistant to grease and oil

• Versatile handle designs make it easier to carry and move

• Multiple weight loading options

• Strong enough for challenging workouts


• Limited weight capacity compared to other sand bags

• Costlier than other similar products

• Complicated design may mean that setup takes longer

Who Should Buy

- Purchase American Barbell 160lb Loadable Sand Bag if:

* You are interested in a durable, high-quality piece of equipment

* You want a great way to add variety to your strength training routine

* You like a challenge with a constantly changing weight and center of gravity

- Do not purchase American Barbell 160lb Loadable Sand Bag if:

* You are not interested in trying a new type of training

* You have a limited budget but still want high quality equipment

* You only do bodybuilding and don’t need a diverse workout program


- Constructed from durable rip-stop nylon material

- Inner lining made from heavy duty vinyl

- Features an adjustable velcro strap for shoulder and waist strap support

- Holds up to 160lbs of weight

- Adjustable filler tubes allow user to customize the weight of the bag

- Includes Hanging Rings and D-rings for attachment of accessories

- Maximum User Weight Limit: 500 lbs

- Dimensions: 24” wide x 11” high

160lbs$197.951000D Cordura nylon material
350lbs$219.951000D Cordura reinforced construction
440lbs$399.95Heavy-Duty ballistic nylon

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