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American Barbell Ab Mat

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American Barbell Ab Mat

-originals The American Barbell AB Mat Original provides an effective way to stretch and strengthen your abdominal muscles without compromising your form. Made with high-quality foam, this mat offers a comfortable but sturdy surface to perform sit-ups, leg raises, and other core exercises. The mat comes with an ergonomic profile, which helps to provide optimal support when performing these exercises. The sides are slightly beveled to help protect your joints while training. Additionally, it comes with a non-slip bottom, making it suitable for use on carpet or hard surfaces. The AB Mat is also fairly lightweight and portable, making it easy to bring to the gym or store away when not in use. This highly durable product comes backed by a one-year warranty against any manufacturer's defects.


Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic design reduces strain on back and hips while performing abdominal exercises

• Constructed with supportive and durable foam to last for a long time

• Portable and lightweight

• Helps practitioners focus on correct form and deep abdominal contraction


• Foam material may become dirty or stained easily

• Not suitable for larger people as the foam does not support too much weight

• Not suitable for intense core training exercises

Who Should Buy

Someone who wants an effective, inexpensive way to do ab exercises at home or at the gym should buy the American Barbell AB Mat. It is not suitable for people who are pregnant or have back issues.


- 15" x 12" x 2"

- Made of durable closed cell foam

- Textured for grip and comfort

- Black/Green color

- Holds its shape with daily use

- Built-in handles for easy transport

American Barbell American Barbell Ab Mat$2220" x 14"Gel-Filled
Valor Fitness HP-14 ab training mat$4020" x 13"Foam
Yes4All Extra Thick Ab Mat$1524" x 12"Foam
SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS Abdominal Exercise Mat$1421" x 15"Foam

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