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Color LB Sport Bumper Plates

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Color LB Sport Bumper Plates

The American Barbell Black Economy Bumper Plates are a line of high-quality weightlifting plates designed to help you get the most out of every workout. Constructed of durable rubber composite, these bumper plates are designed to resist premature breakdown and provide an effective, safe, and reliable platform for Olympic weightlifting movements. The steel insert adds stability and strength to the bumper plate, allowing for consistent rebounding and a secure grip on the bar with each lift. The integrated metal hub ensures proper alignment and evenly distributed weight, while the flared edges make it easier to pick up and move the weights when needed. The raised lettering on the plates gives them an attractive look and allows users to track their progress and weight. Available in 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb, and 45 lb sizes, the American Barbell Black Economy Bumper Plates are an excellent choice for any weightlifter looking for a durable and reliable product that will give them the performance results they desire.

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Pros & Cons


• Compact and durable design.

• Durable rubber material designed for low bounce and minimal noise.

• Rigorously tested for both static and dynamic weight performance.

• Accurate weight conformity.

• Price point that's accessible for most budgets.


• Limited warranty of 1-year.

• Some color fading may occur.

• Not suitable for use with Olympic bars with greater than 30mm diameter sleeve ends.

Who Should Buy

1. Who should buy:

-Fitness enthusiasts on a budget looking for a durable bumper plate

-CrossFitters wanting a high-quality plate for medium- to large-scale workouts

-Weight lifting competitors who are looking for a bumper plate with quality craftsmanship

2. Who should not buy:

-Those expecting a plate for Olympic lifting with precision machined tolerances

-Anyone looking for color options other than black

-Athletes who are typically working out at home or have a limited storage space since the American Barbell Black Economy Bumper Plates are 10 pounds and larger


• Color: LB Sport Bumper Plates

• ¦Diameter: 450mm

• ¦Weight Tolerance: +/- 0.5%

• ¦Material: Virgin Rubber

• ¦Warranty: 12 months

• ¦Insert Type: Steel Insert

• ¦Color Code: Color Coded Based on Weight.

• ¦Surface: Smooth

• ¦Certification: IPF Approved

ProductWeight Range (per plate)DiameterWidthColor Option
American Barbell Color LB Sport Bumper Plates5-45 lbs17.7 in2.95 inColor Coded
TROY VTX Bumper Plates5-45 lbs17.7 in2.83 inBlack/Gray Labels
Rogue Hi-Temp Bumper Plates5-45 lbs17.71 in2.83 inBlack Fleck
Ivanko Super Gripper Bumper Plates5-45 lbs17.7 in2.85 inBlack/Gray Labels
Rep Fitness Training Bumper Plates5-45 lbs17.7 in2.95 inBlack/Gray Labels

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