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Black KG Sport Bumper Plates

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Black KG Sport Bumper Plates

American Barbell Black KG Sport Bumper Plates are weightlifting plates designed for serious athletes in performance and Olympic-style lifting. These plates are made from vibrant black urethane with the lowest bounce possible. The overall design of the plate features an ultra-dense construction that offers a higher degree of durability while maintaining a minimal weight that is consistent with traditional plate weight. Additionally, the raised lettering coupled with precision imprinted weight gives a cleaner look that won't wear off over time. The firm urethane material further offers more protection to the floors and athletes who are using the plates. These plates are competition-style legal for weightlifting competitions and offer low-bounce and true weight capacities in 2.5, 5, 10, 15 and 20 kg. The plates’ overall design allows for a secure grip, which allows for safer and efficient bar loading and exercises without the risks of slipping or dislodging weight plates. Furthermore, the extended sleeve length securely fits onto the barbell and easily slides onto the bar for the purpose of proper weightlifting technique and safety. American Barbell Black KG Sport Bumper Plates are for training athletes’ of all levels who are looking for increased performance and safety when lifting in the Olympics and other weightlifting competitions.

  • 5KG Plates - Pair

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  • 10KG Plates - Pair

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  • 15KG Plates - Pair

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  • 20KG Plates - Pair

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  • 25KG Plates - Pair

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Pros & Cons


• Made from a single-piece, low-bounce, durable rubber

• Color coded for easy weight identification

• Weight capacity up to 1500 lbs

• Solid stainless steel hub to reduce wear

• year warranty


• High price point

• Limited availability in some areas

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- High-quality materials

- Durable construction

- Variety of weights available

- Value for money

Should Not Buy:

- Limited availability

- High cost

- Not suitable for some gyms and exercise spaces


-Plates are made from 100% Virgin Rubber

-Available in sizes from 10 kg to 25 kg

-IWF 17.7” Color-coded to IWF standards

-3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

-True bounce of plate

-All plates are 450 mm in diameter

-Plates are sold in pairs

Price/ lbThickness (Inches)Durometer RatingInsert Type
Rep Fitness KG Bumper Plates$1.901.390Steel
Vulcan Strength Color Echo Bumper Plates$2.051.388-90Steel
Rogue Hi-Temp LB Bumper Plates$1.761.2595TPE/Urethane
Ivanko OBTP KG Bumper Plates$2.351.2790Steel

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