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American Barbell Double Half Rack

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American Barbell Double Half Rack

The American Barbell ECH Double Half Rack 3x3 is a heavy-duty free standing fitness rack designed to provide a multi-functional training station in any gym or home training environment. This rack is made of high quality steel with a powder coat finish. It features two independent J-hooks, two adjustable safety spotter arms, a full pull-up bar on the outside face, a multi-grip chin-up bar on the inner face, and two Olympic weight plate storage posts. The two independent J-hooks provide quick adjustments for doing squats, presses, and rack pulls. The adjustable safety spotter arms provide an extra layer of safety for heavy weight lifting, preventing compensating misloads and weight drops. The full pull-up bar on the outside face is made from sturdy steel and has a horizontal knurl pattern, making it easier to grip. The multi-grip chin-up bar on the inner face allows for multiple grip positions to increase exercises variation. The two Olympic weight plate storage posts lets you store weights when not in use. The American Barbell ECH Double Half Rack 3x3 is designed to handle a maximum capacity of 800 lbs., offering exceptional stability and strength for any weight lifting routine.


Pros & Cons


• Durable, 3x3 11 gauge steel Construction

• Total weight capacity of 1000 lbs.

• weight storage pegs for accessories

• Easy to assemble using simple tools and comprehensive instructions

• Two separate stands can be used for independent training

• Multi-grip chin-up bar with ergonomic neutral hand placement

• Compatible with American Barbell weight plates and accessory options

• Three optional pull-up bars for increased range of motion

• Adjustable height barbell holder

• Great for achieving multiple workouts all in one space


• More expensive than some comparable gym equipment

• Limited size options available

• Not ideal for small spaces

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Heavy duty steel construction

• Heavy-duty J-hooks with 5/8″ thick hook coating

• Accessory storage options

• Easy assembly

• Optional stability base

Should Not Buy:

• Not designed to withstand extreme temperatures

• Limited storage accessories

• Cannot be adapted for use with bumper plates


- Type: Half Rack

- Dimensions: 108” H x 117” W x 128” L

- Weight: 975 lbs

- Material: Steel

- Color: Black

- Pull Up Bar: Multi-Grip

- Attachments included: 4 x J-Cups

- Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs

Weight CapacityProduct WeightDimenions (Width X Depth)
Valor Fitness BD-6 Power Squat Rack500 lbs102 lbs41" x 19"
Gorilla Sports Squat Rack300 kg47.6 lbs47.2" x 23.6"
Advertisement Fitness Power Cage Squat Rack400 kg68 kg50" x 27"
Ollieroo Squat Rack220 lbs40.3 lbs36.5" x 28.1"

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