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American Barbell Floor Sliders

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American Barbell Floor Sliders

The American Barbell Floor Sliders are a great way to easily incorporate plyometric exercises into your workout routine. The sliders come two to a package (1 left and 1 right) and feature a smooth surface for low friction sliding and low noise. These sliders are made out of heavy duty construction and padded with an anti-slip foam material which provides grip on any surface without damaging your carpets or hardwood floors. The sliders are great for a wide range of exercises including mountain climbers, lunges, planks and more. You can use them as part of an existing workout routine or create a new one with just the sliders to challenge yourself. They’re also easy to transport, making them ideal for travelling and taking with you on the go. The American Barbell Floor Sliders are the perfect piece of equipment for those looking to put more emphasis on core and lower body strength. Rarely requiring any additional hardware, they can fit in any workout space and are great for at home exercises. They’re also very affordable, making them great value for money.


Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and compact for easy storage

• Smooth gliding action for efficient and comfortable exercise movements

• Versatile exercises targeting legs, core, and arms

• Can be used on both carpet and hardwood floors


• Expensive compared to other types of sliders

• Not suitable for outdoor use (exposure to outside elements can cause damage)

• Not suitable for large body types due to reduced gliding action

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Those who want to increase their overall flexibility

- Those looking for an inexpensive way to incorporate sliding exercises into their workout routine

- Those who want to add an additional layer of challenge to their core work

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who want to use sliders on carpet or rug surfaces

- Those who want large discs (these are designed to fit comfortably in the hands)

- Those looking for more advanced sliding options


• Low profile design

• Can be used on any surface including carpet

• Made of polycarbonate

• Dual sided design

• Each slider measures 4.6" x 5.5"

• Shipping weight is 1 pound

American Barbell Floor Sliders (Pair)4”D x 0.5”HPlastic/Foam2.56 lbs
BodySolid Plastic Floor Slider4.08” L x 4.08” W x 0.39” HPlastic2.08 lbs
Valeo Stability Sliders4”D x 0.38”HPlastic/Foam2.2 lbs
WODFitters Dual Sided Abdominal Sliders4.7”D x 0.35”HPlastic/Foam1.2 lbs
ProsourceFit Abdominal Exercise Sliders4.5” D x 0.4”HPlastic/Foam1.3 lbs

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