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American Barbell Garage Gym Rack

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American Barbell Garage Gym Rack

-package The American Barbell Garage Gym Package is an all-in-one equipment solution for home or professional gyms. This package includes the following pieces of equipment: 1 American Barbell® Power Rack, 1 American Barbell® Competition Olympic Weight Plates, 1 American Barbell® Oly Bar, 1 American Barbell® Flat Bench, and 1 pair of American Barbell® Alpha Bumper Training Plates. The package is designed to provide a functional and complete workout setup for every type of gym. The American Barbell Power Rack offers exceptional strength and stability for intense workouts. It is constructed with heavy-duty 11-gauge steel that is designed to withstand heavy-duty workouts. The sides of the Power Rack include two adjustable safety spotter arms, allowing you to safely work with heavier weights. The Power Rack also includes 6-position adjustable pull-up bar to allow for more exercises. The American Barbell Competition Olympic Weight Plates and Alpha Bumper Training Plates are made from durable steel and feature a sleek, smooth design. The weight plates provide consistent weight distributions and are designed to work with all standard Olympic bars. The Alpha Bumper Training Plates are designed to withstand the rigorous use of Heavy Olympic Lifts, and the nylon-based plates provide a consistent bounce. The American Barbell Oly Bar is a professional-grade Olympic Barbell that features a medium-depth knurling. Its rugged construction is designed to withstand heavy loads, and the bar has an impressive tensile strength of 205,000 PSI. The bar features a chrome finish for added durability and stylish look. The American Barbell Flat Bench is engineered for heavy-duty workouts. The bench is constructed from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel and features a comfortable, wide, upholstered seat. The flat bench is designed to support up to 1,000lbs and has built-in wheels for easy transport and storage. The American Barbell Garage Gym Package provides an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to set up their own home or professional gym. By combining all of the necessary pieces of strength equipment, the package allows for quick and easy setup and provides users with a functional and complete workout setup.

  • 3x3 w/ 7 foot uprights

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  • 3x3 w/ 8 foot uprights

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  • 3x3 w/ 7.5 foot uprights

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Pros & Cons


• Precision engineered for balance and strength

• Made from high quality raw materials

• Includes high quality American Barbell Gym bench with lifting platform

• Features 75”x6.7”x2.15” wall mountable folding wall rack for barbell storage

• Comes with 20 linear bearing steel resistant collars

• Designed to be assembled easily in a home or garage setting


• No weight plates included

• Higher cost compared to other brands

• Assembly and installation instructions may be difficult for some

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• For individuals looking to build or refurbish a home/garage gym

• Comes with an array of quality, essential equipment

• Easy to assemble and disassemble if needed

Should Not Buy:

• Not ideal for individuals on a tight budget

• Limited space requirements for set-up

• Not suitable for commercial gyms


-Dimensions: 50.5"W x 82"L x 88"H

-Weight Capacity: 1,500 lbs

-11 Gauge Steel

-2" x 3" Uprights

-Rear Pegs: 25.5" long - 4 included

-J-Cups: 2.75" hole spacing

-Front Dips/Step Ups: 4 included and removable

-Double Sided Chinning Bar

-Weight Plate Storage (150 lbs included)

-Colors: White & Black

Max LoadHeight Range
1000 lbs60.5" - 72.5”
1000 lbs60.5" - 73"
600 lbs63" - 81"
1000 lbs60" - 82.5"
1000 lbs60" - 87"

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