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10KG Junior Performance Training Bar

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10KG Junior Performance Training Bar

The American Barbell Junior Performance Training Bar is an excellent choice for athletes looking for a bar for weightlifting and bodyweight exercises. It is a high-quality and versatile barbell, specifically designed for younger athletes who are just starting to train. The junior bar is 10kg in weight and features a chrome-plated finish for rust resistance and easier handling. With a length of 2.25 meters and diameter of 28mm, the bar has a number of Olympic-style knurling and finishing points, providing superior grip and stability. The Junior Performance Training Bar also features dual knurl marks, maximum grip knurling, and a center placement line that can help athletes ensure correct form during their lifts. This bar has a max load capacity of 500lbs and can be used for both power and olympic-style lifts. It is designed to take the non-traditional heavy-duty use of a home gym while providing light-medium feel levels. The American Barbell Junior Performance Training Bar is a great choice for both beginners and more experienced weightlifters alike, as it offers a wide range of use for a variety of workouts.


Pros & Cons


• Made with high quality steel for exceptional durability

• Sleeved ends for reliable spinning and whip

• Kg weight for a great starting weight for beginner lifters

• Knurling is supportive but not too aggressive

• Bright zinc-plated finish for added protection


• Not ideal for experienced, heavy-weight lifters

• Can be too light for certain weighted exercises

Who Should Buy

Why You Should Buy

• Lightweight design – The American Barbell Junior Performance Training Bar is only 10kg which makes it perfect for people looking to use it for lighter weight exercises.

• Durable construction – It's also made with high-grade steel for greater strength and durability.

• Knurled handles – The bar has knurled handles, offering improved grip.

• Less strain on wrists – The bar also has a less-aggressive knurl designed to reduce strain on the wrists.

Why You Should Not Buy

• Price – The bar is relatively expensive compared to other bars with similar features.

• Not suitable for more experienced lifters – This bar may not be suitable for more experienced lifters as it's designed for lighter weights.

• No warranty – The bar does not have a warranty, so there is no protection against any potential defects.


- Weight: 10kg / 22lbs

- Length: 124.5cm / 49 inches

- Knurling: IPF Standard

- Tensile Strength: 216,000 PSI

- Diameter: 28mm

- Shaft Finish: Bright Zinc

- Sleeve Finish: Bright Zinc

- Bearings: 8 Needle Bearing / Bushing

- Loadable Sleeve Length: 15 inches

BarbellSleeve DiameterKnurlingLoadable Sleeve Length
American Barbell 10KG Performance Training50 mmModerate3.94”
X Training Equipment Olympic Weightlifting Bar50 mmAggressive3.93”
FringeSport 20KG Hi-Temp Olympic Barbell50 mmAggressive4.1”
Anyifit Olympic Barbell50 mmModerate4.13"

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