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SS Precision Training Bar

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SS Precision Training Bar

The American Barbell Precision Training Bar is an all-purpose training bar designed to handle weightlifting exercises across a wide range of disciplines. This bar is constructed with top-quality steel and features a bright zinc finish and black texture powder coating that resists corrosion and looks fantastic during any workout. The bar has a medium depth diamond knurl pattern with center knurling and IWF-approved marks for Olympic-style weightlifting. It offers a dual-marking system with both IPF and IWF knurling markings that make it a great choice for both power and Olympic lifting. The tensile strength of this bar is 205,000 PSI, and its hardness is rated at 36-45 HRC on the Rockwell “C” scale. The bar also features a long-lasting, low-maintenance composite bushings for a smooth spin and reliable performance. It measures 2185 mm in length and weighs a standard 20 kg (44 lbs). For any athletes looking to get serious with their training, the American Barbell Precision Training Bar is an ideal choice.

  • 15KG - Womens

    In Stock


  • 20KG - Mens

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Pros & Cons


• Hardened, ground bearing surface improves performance and enhances durability

• Copper-coated version guarantees maximum friction for strength

• Torque Weight Control ensuring optimal balance

• Fully sealed snap-ring Construction for worry-free long-term use

• High-precision manganese phosphate coating

• Fully assembled and ready to use


• Expensive

• Not suitable for Olympic weightlifting

• Not as durable as high-end bars

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

- People looking to gain strength and muscle with a versatile work out bar

- People looking for a reliable and durable barbell that will last

- People who want to save money by purchasing one bar, instead of numerous other pieces of equipment

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

- People who are only looking to perform bodyweight-only exercises

- People who are on a tight budget, as this bar may be slightly pricey

- People who have extremely limited storage space, due to the size of this barbell


-Weight: 20 Kilograms

-Length: 2200mm

-Knurl: Medium-Aggressive Knurling

-Sleeve: 50mm

-Loadable Sleeve Length: 435mm

-Bushing / Bearing: 8 Bearing Sleeve

-Grip Area Diameter: 28mm

-Whip: Very Good whip

-Shaft Finish: Bright Zinc

-Sleeves Finish: Bright Zinc

Diameter (mm)Weight (lbs)Tensile Strength (psi)
Diameter (mm)Weight (lbs)Tensile Strength (psi)

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