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Stainless EZ Curl Gym Bar

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Stainless EZ Curl Gym Bar

The American Barbell SS EZ Curl Gym Bar is a high quality, multi-purpose weightlifting bar designed to provide ideal performance in a gym or home environment. This bar features precision aligned rotating bearings, as well as an ultra-smooth stainless steel finish and protective barbell knurling for a comfortable grip. The bar is constructed from high strength steel alloy to ensure maximum durability and performance, and is suitable for curl exercises, bench presses and shoulder presses. The EZ curl bar is designed with a 28.5mm grip diameter, and is 50 inches long with a weight capacity up to 300lbs. The bar also has a built-in loadable sleeve length making it ideal for beginner and advanced weightlifters alike. The EZ curl bar is an excellent choice for weightlifters seeking a durable, multi-purpose bar without breaking the bank.


Pros & Cons


• High-Grade Alloy Steel Construction

• Lifetime Guarantee

• Black phosphorous finish for added durability and corrosion protection

• Wide knurling for greater grip

• Medium depth knurling to ensure maximum comfort

• shaft length ideal for near full range of motion

• Includes two spring collars


• Relatively high price tag

• Fixed weight of 20 lbs might not be ideal for everyone’s needs

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy American Barbell SS EZ Curl Gym Bar:

• Gym owners looking for high quality equipment for their training facility

• Fitness enthusiasts who want to upgrade their strength training

• Athletes looking to build more arm strength

Who Should Not Buy American Barbell SS EZ Curl Gym Bar:

• Beginners who are new to strength training

• People who don't have access to a gym


-Material: Stainless steel

-Finish: Bright zinc

-Sleeve length: 16”

-Knurl: Aggressive

-Weight: 20KG

-Diameter: 28mm

-No center knurl

-Needle bearing rotation

-Dual knurl marks

-Loadable sleeve length: 12.5”

Weight RatingKnurlingBushings
350 lbsAggressiveYes
600 lbsDirectionalNo
700 lbsAggressiveYes
500 lbsMildYes
600 lbsMildYes

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