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Training Bar

-0 The American Barbell Training Bar 1.0 is an Olympic-style weightlifting bar manufactured by American Barbell. This training bar is constructed from high-tensile, stress-relieved steel, resulting in a bar with a unique combination of strength and flexibility. The bar features a close-tolerance steel shaft, precision machined bronze bushings, and a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. The knurling provides a reliable, comfortable grip that prevents slipping during even the heaviest lifts. The barbell is zinc-coated to protect against rust, wear, and moisture damage. The barbell has a maximum capacity of 400lbs and is equipped with needle bearings at the collar which yields an exceptionally smooth spin and fast load/unload times. The bar has a medium dual knurl pattern for improved grip and reduced stress on the hands. The shaft diameter is 28mm and has a length of 86.5 inches, meaning it is capable of accommodating any type of weightlifting. This bar is suitable for both beginner and advanced lifters, is ideal for training squats, presses, and deadlifts, and is designed to last for years of abuse. Overall, the American Barbell Training Bar 1.0 is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a high-quality bar that is reliable, durable, and suitable for Olympic-style weightlifting. The bar is constructed with the highest quality materials, features precision machined components, and is covered with a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. The bar's medium dual knurl pattern ensures a secure grip and the needle bearings in the collars allow for a smooth spin and fast loading. This barbell is a versatile, reliable choice for any lifter, regardless of experience level.

  • 15KG - Women's

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  • 20KG - Men's

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Pros & Cons


• Quality Construction made from North American steel

• Knurling is designed for both power and Olympic exercises

• Lifetime warranty on the shaft

• IWF and IPF certified for use in competitions

• Available in both black zinc and stainless steel coating


• Only available in 15kg/33lb and 20kg/44lb versions

• Only knurled sections are marked for proper hand placement

• May be slightly more expensive than other bars

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

-Those looking for a high-quality, durable barbell for home workouts

-Athletes who want an Olympic-style barbell with a knurled grip

-Lifters who want a bar that won't bend or warp during workouts

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

-Beginner lifters who are on a tight budget

-Those looking for a barbell to use in a powerlifting competition

-People who want a barbell with center knurling


- Knurled steel handle

- Weight: 20KG

- Bushing system

- Super-aggressive knurling

- 28.5MM diameter

- Hardened steel shaft

- 202 CM length

- Made in the USA

BarbellAmerican Barbell Training BarRogue Bar 2.0Rep Fitness Gladiator BarFringeSport Power Bar
MaterialTitanium Alloy SteelSpecialty SteelHardened Chrome SteelHardened Chrome Steel
Weight20 KG20 KG20 KG20 KG
SleevePrecision-EngineeredSnap-ring constructionSnap ring constructionSnap-ring construction
KnurlAggressive KnurlMedium-Aggressive KnurlAggressive KnurlAggressive Knurl
Tensile Strength195K PSI190K PSI220K PSI235K PSI
Rotation4-Bushing Construction2-Bushing Construction4-Bushing Construction4-Bushing Construction

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