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Closeout American Barbell Wall Ball

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Closeout American Barbell Wall Ball

The American Barbell Wall Ball is a versatile piece of exercise equipment designed to be used for a range of dynamic, unilateral and full body exercises. It is perfect for targeting your core muscles and increasing muscular endurance, power, balance and coordination. This is a professional-level wall ball with a 1,000-denier nylon shell for a rugged look and added durability. It is great for wall throws, squats, plyometric jumps, dynamic press-ups, ball slams and more. The ball features an internal high-density polyethylene foam core that enhances safety and performance. The outer shell is built from NFR foam-backed synthetic leather for a great finish and long-lasting performance. The ball can take the punishment and frequent use that hardcore exercises require. It has a dual reinforced stitching technique for added durability. The ball is available in four size and weight combos: 10 lbs, 12 lbs, 14 lbs and 16lbs. The American Barbell Wall Ball is suitable for athletes of all abilities and can be used at home or in the gym. Its versatility and construction make it an ideal addition to any workout.

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Pros & Cons


• Constructed from high grade durable materials

• Unfilled and adjustable up to 20 lbs

• Textured grip for a secure hold and improved performance

• Encased in tough 18oz. industrial-grade vinyl

• Clearly marked sizing, weight and fill gauge

• Optimal balance and weight distribution


• Unfilled, so can be labor intensive to fill

• Can be difficult to fill evenly

• Limited weight range - adjustable up to 20lbs

• Textured grip may not be suitable for all users

Who Should Buy


Why You Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

-Develops core strength, agility, and balance

-Soft, durable, and dynamic shell

-Accelerates movements with its textured surface

-Versatile tool to create a variety of conditioning stations and circuits

-Lightweight and safe for all users

Why You Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

-Relatively expensive

-Requires equipment for assembly

-Requires a strong wall to mount

-Ball requires frequent monitoring and adjustments for optimal performance

-Shipping may be cost- and time-prohibitive for some customers


• Weight: 10 lbs

• Construction: Durable, high-density EVA foam

• Exterior Finish: Durable textured vinyl

• Interior Core: High-density, shock absorbing foam

• Official Diameter: 14”

• Official Weight: 10 lbs

• Includes: Wall ball, mounting hardware

• Warranty: Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

10 lbs.10 lbs.10 lbs.

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