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American Barbell Weightlifting Belt

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American Barbell Weightlifting Belt

The American Barbell Weightlifting Belt is designed to provide support and stability to the core during heavy weightlifting activities like squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts. This belt is constructed from 8mm thick cowhide leather, making it incredibly durable and resistant to tear and wear. It features a stainless steel dual-prong buckle for an adjustable and secure fit. The belt provides low-profile support and features a variety of widths to fit different torso shapes and sizes. The ergonomic design is contoured for a comfortable fit against your body and features a variety of sizes to accommodate different body types and sizes. It also features an anatomically-positioned abdominal pad to help keep the belt in place during heavy lifts. This belt is intended to provide foundational support while weightlifting and is not recommended for extreme powerlifting activities. It is designed to help promote better form and core activation while reducing fatigue and improving safety. The American Barbell Weightlifting Belt is an ideal choice for athletes of all levels looking to maximize their weightlifting performance.


Pros & Cons


• Provides support and stability during weightlifting exercises

• Constructed with a heavy-duty nylon exterior and a customizable foam core

• Great for advanced lifters and Olympic-style athletes

• Offers adjustable padded waist lumbar and abdominal support

• Raised, contoured design holds shape for maximum comfort

• Extra wide width provides added support

• Available in four sizes


• Expensive compared to other weightlifting belts

• Too stiff for some lifters

• Not ideal for smaller lifters

• Not designed for lower body exercises

Who Should Buy



• Weightlifters looking for a lightweight, professional-grade belt

• People who need an adjustable and comfortable weightlifting belt

• Individuals seeking a belt to provide extra back support


• People seeking a plush, cushioned weightlifting belt

• Individuals not looking for an adjustable belt

• People who don’t need extra back support for their weightlifting routine


-4” width

-Tapered to 3” at ends

-Nylon/Polyethylene construction

-Double-stitched edges for extra strength

-4mm thick firm support

-Heavy duty adjustable steel buckle

-Firm, comfortable back support

-Available in sizes XS-XL and six colors

American Barbell Weightlifting Belt$504” wideContour Fit Design
Harbinger Weightlifting Belt$274” wideFlexible comfortable design
Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt$194” wideDouble-pronged stainless steel buckle
Harbinger Power Belt$153” wideExtra-wide, heavy-duty support

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