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American Barbell Wood Plyo Box - 30x24x20

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American Barbell Wood Plyo Box - 30x24x20

The American Barbell Wood Plyo Box 30x24x20 is a versatile and attractive piece of gym equipment that offers athletes the opportunity to safely perform plyometric exercises such as box jumps and jump squats while protecting their joints. This box is made from robust, high quality birch plywood with a high-density foam core, coated in a glossy finish to provide additional durability and aesthetic value. It features an easy to assemble, pop-up design with four secure locking pins constructed from high-grade steel for ultimate safety and stability, allowing for safe and accurate box jumps up to heights of 30”x24”x20”. Its wide, contour-shaped platform makes it ideal for a wide range of users from beginners all the way up to advanced athletes. It also has dimpled non-slip grip surfaces to prevent injury and maximize performance. The box is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty from American Barbell.


Pros & Cons


-Hi-grade Baltic birch Construction is durable and built to last

• Smooth, non-abrasive finish provides an even surface on all sides

• Stainless steel hardware ensures durability

• Design allows for easy height adjustment

• Lightweight for easy transport and storage

• Built to withstand multiple types of plyo jump drills


• Plyo Boxes may require more frequent maintenance as they are exposed to outdoor elements

• Rounded edges may create a trip hazard

• Plyo Boxes are more expensive compared to traditional plyo boxes

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Ideal for plyometric jumps and conditioning

- Constructed with Baltic Birch plywood

- Smooth and durable finish

- Tapered edges for safe landings

- Solid and secure construction

Should Not Buy:

- If you want something more portable

- If you want something stronger than wood (metal, plastic)

- If you need multiple pieces for additional versatility

- If you're not looking to use the product for plyometric jumps or cross training


- Comes unfinished

- Low profile design

- Made of durable 3/4" Birch plywood

- Solid construction

- 30" x 24" x 20" dimensions

- Plyometric training and box jumps

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