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The California Bar

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The California Bar

The California Bar from American Barbell is a renowned weight training bar ideal for athletes of any training level. Designed for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit, this bar is made to perform in style and substance. It boasts a proprietary blend of 190 PSI tested North American steel for superior strength and longevity. The bar has a black oxide finish and straight knurling, and a unique 3-ring design featuring dual snap rings on each sleeve. It also features a center knurl and bushings that rotate around dual bearing points, giving a smooth and consistent rotation. The California Bar has a 28.5mm shaft diameter and a very generous loadable sleeve length of 16.25”, as well as a total weight of 20kg (44lb). This weight-lifting bar is designed to take your performance to the next level, no matter what type of exercise or activity you’re into.

  • 20KG - Zombie Green

    In Stock


  • 20KG - Elite Blackout

    In Stock


  • 20KG - Concrete Grey

    In Stock


  • 20KG - Navy Blue

    In Stock


  • 15KG - Sky Blue

    In Stock


  • 15KG - Pink

    In Stock


  • 15KG - Elite Blackout

    In Stock


  • 15KG - Yellow

    Out of Stock


  • 15KG - Purple

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


-High quality and durable Construction

• Steel shaft with hard chrome plating

• mm shaft diameter

• Medium depth diamond knurling on the shaft for an improved grip

• Bushing rotation system for a smoother spin

• Cerakote finish offers protection and a bright, vibrant look


• Expensive price tag

• Only limited weight adjustability (20kg / 45lbs and up)

• Weight adjustment requires a spring collar, which isn’t included

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Made from high-quality steel for durability

• Compatible with 2 inch Olympic plates

• Features a medium-depth diamond knurl to ensure a secure grip during lifts

• Finished with a black zinc coating to prevent rust

• Medium tensile strength of 190K PSI

Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for use with power lifting exercises

• Pricey for a basic barbell


- 28MM Shaft Diameter

- 205,000 PSI tensile strength

- Composite bushing system

- Black oxide finish

- Compatible with most Olympic-sized weight plates

- Dual knurl marks for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting

- No center knurl

- Dual composite bushings

- No center knurl

- 1,500 lb. tensile strength

- Chrome sleeves

- 41.5 inch shaft length

- 8.75 inch loadable sleeve length

ProductWeightTensile StrengthKnurlingPrice
American Barbell The California Bar44 lbs200,000 PSIAggressive$$
Cap Barbell OB-86B44 lbs190,000 PSIAggressive$
XMark Lumberjack44 lbs185,000 PSILight/Medium$
Body-Solid OB86B44 lbs200,000 PSIAggressive$$

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