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Color Strength Bands

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Color Strength Bands

These American Barbell Color Strength Bands are perfect for providing additional weight or resistance to a variety of exercises. They're made from high strength latex rubber and feature a wide variety of colors to match your gym's decor. The bands are nice and thick so they don't easily roll which is a huge bonus. They are also durable and strong enough to last through extreme workouts. They come in three resistance levels so you can increase the resistance as you get stronger. The light resistance is good for miniband exercises, while the heavy resistance is great for assisted pull-ups and other exercises needing more weight. The bands are great for performing assisted pull-ups, chest exercises, ab exercises and other resistance exercises. They can also be used as a form of resistance during dynamic stretching exercises. They have a tensile strength of up to 75lbs, making them great for a range of strength and resistance exercises. The bands are perfect for home and commercial use. They are easy to store and transport, though you should always check for wear and tear and replace them when necessary.

  • Micro Band - Orange

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  • Mini Band - Red

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  • Monster Mini Band - Blue

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  • Light Band - Green

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  • Average Band - Black

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  • Strong Band - Purple

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  • Monster Band - Grey

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Pros & Cons


• Different bands can offer varying degrees of challenge and difficulty

• Made of environmentally-friendly latex for non-irritation and durability

• Perfect for pulling exercises, improving explosiveness, and resistance training

• Easy to transport and store

• Different colors can help distinguish among the various levels of resistance


• Price may be expensive for some users

• May not be ideal for larger weight loads

• Bands may eventually become tattered over time due to wear and tear.

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Affordable

• Easy set-up

• Color coded for ease of use

• Compact size

• Variety of sizes

• If space and budget are tight

Should Not Buy:

• If you're looking for more than resistance bands

• If you are expecting to see quick results

• If you are not familiar with proper workout techniques

• If you are expecting an intensive workout

• If you have a lot of space available for a larger gym

• If you have a larger budget to spend on a more comprehensive gym setup


-Made from 100% natural latex

-Color coded for progressive resistance levels (Light, Medium, Heavy)

-Available in sizes of 15-inch, 36-inch and 54-inch width options

-Thickness: 0.05-inches to 2-inches

-Approximate pull on first band: 5.5-pounds to 33.5-pounds

ProductSize RangeUsesDurabilityPrice
American Barbell Color Strength Bands6-150 lbsResistance Training & Mobility TrainingHighly durablerubber material$20.99
Rogue Monster Bands10-200 lbsResistance Training & Mobility TrainingHeavy-duty latex rubber$24.00
Perform Better Superbands10-150 lbsResistance Training & Mobility TrainingPremium rubber for maximum durability$16.95
Valor Fitness Resistance Band10-150 lbsResistance Training & Mobility TrainingDurable natural latex construction$18.39

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