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Compression Floss

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Compression Floss

-band The American Barbell Compression Floss Band is a versatile yet lightweight tool for rehabilitative and dynamic stretching and activation exercises. Ideal for increasing range of motion and triggering neural muscles to bring athletes to peak performance, the band uses physical compression to assist stretching by restricting muscle movement and create a flossing effect on muscle and fascia. Made of latex-free elastic material, the band has a soft and comfortable feel while providing secure and adjustable looped ends for easy use. With a tension of 25 to 35 pound capacity, users can choose the level of compression desired depending on the exercise performed. Durable and weather resistant, the band is an excellent addition to any athlete’s physical therapy, fitness and strength routine.


Pros & Cons


• Made of heavy-duty rubber latex for maximum durability and comfort

• Versatile enough to apply to various parts of the body

• Can be used for both preventative and rehabilitative exercises

• Easy to use and can be done at home

• Helps improve range of motion and blood flow

• Good for the athlete looking for post-workout recovery


• Not suitable for those with latex allergies

• May be difficult to fit around large areas of the body

• Can be expensive

• Some users report it being difficult to use effectively

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Increased blood flow to joints and muscles

• Increased range of motion

• Improved flexibility

• Decreased risk of injury

• Improved recovery time

Should Not Buy:

• People with existing injuries or pain

• People on a tight budget

• People who don’t plan to use the compression floss regularly


• Easy-to-use

• Expands within the joint to fill gaps & provide long-lasting compression

• Seals against air & water

• Withstands temperatures of -65°F to 330°F (-54°C to 166°C)

• Resists oil, water, gas, and alkali solutions

• Suitable for a variety of joint designs & materials

Product NamePriceMaterialSizeUses
American Barbell Compression Floss$$Elastic, Nylon28”Mobility & Recovery
StrengthTape$Elastic, Cotton30”Mobility & Recovery
Alpha Shield Kinesiology Tape$Elastic, Synthetic32”Injury Prevention & Mobility
ROM SF Knee Wraps$$Polyester, Rubber2” x 41-60”Compression & Support
Prolite Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve$$Nylon, SpandexLargeInjury Prevention & Compression

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