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Core Sand Bag

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Core Sand Bag

The American Barbell Core Sand Bag is a versatile and durable strength and conditioning tool designed to challenge balance, coordination, and stabilizing muscles. This sand bag features a comfortable vinyl shell that protects a center filled with rubber pellets and holds up to 75lbs of sand. The durable military-grade nylon webbing straps make repositioning the weight easy and provide solid grips. This sand bag also features a double secure locking system design, which helps prevent the content from leaking out and keeps the sand secure while in use. The Core Sand Bag is ideal for many activities such as scoop throws, power slams, weight carries, and more. The heavier contents force the body to recruit extra stabilizing muscles with every movement, making it an effective tool for developing strength, stability, coordination and balance.


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Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction with reinforced seams

• Can be filled with various materials to adjust weight and provide adjustable resistance

• Multiple handles for easy carrying and exercises

• Variety of standard sizes (10LBS, 25LBS, 40LBS, 50LBS, and 75LBS)

• Sand Bag can serve as a weight/strength training tool as well as a conditiong/stability tool

• Versatile for various exercises and fitness levels


• Empty sand bag does not come filled with material

• Relatively expensive compared to standard gym equipment

• Limited size/weight options to meet a variety of exercisers’ needs

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Durable and lightweight construction

- Designed for a range of exercises

- Available in a variety of colors

- Can be filled with sand for enhanced workouts

Should Not Buy:

- Limited exercises that can be done

- Pricey compared to other home gym items


-Available in 4 sizes: 8, 10, 15, and 25 lbs

-Military grade nylon construction

-Designed to be as tough as the athlete's using them

-Nylon exterior with interior lining filled with heavy duty polyplastic pellets

-Reinforced handles designed for ease of manipulation

-Contoured shape allows for easier control when shifting weight

-Flat bottom design ensures ideal stability

ProductWeight RangeDurabilityFillable
American Barbell Core Sand Bag10-150 lbsHeavy DutyYes
Hyperwear Sandbells5-50 lbsDurableYes
BSN Sandbag10-150 lbsHeavy DutyYes
WrestleMania Sandbag10-150 lbsDurableYes
Body Solid RS1000 Multi-bag System10-150 lbsHeavy DutyNo

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