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Covered Resistance Bands

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Covered Resistance Bands

The American Barbell Covered Bands are strong and durable exercise tools that allow you to target hard-to-reach muscle groups. Constructed from high-grade natural rubber, they are ideal for strength and mobility training, stretching, and rehabilitation. The bands come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and resistance levels, allowing you to tailor your workouts to your own fitness level. The bands are covered with a protective nylon layer to keep them from slipping during exercises, as well as for added protection against tears and wear. The small size makes them easy to transport, so you can get in a workout no matter where you are. With proper use and care, these bands will stand up to years of heavy use.

  • Light Band - Green

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  • Average Band - Black

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  • Strong Band - Purple

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  • Micro Band - Orange

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  • Mini Band - Red

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  • Mon Mini - Blue

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Pros & Cons


• Durable, non-latex material

• Easy to use

• Stick-resistant coating

• Wide range of resistance levels

• Carry straps for easy transport

• Metal clips to adjust tension quickly


• High cost compared to other resistance bands

• Prone to slipping if not secured properly

• Color-coded resistance levels might be difficult for some to distinguish

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Anyone looking for effective and variable resistance training

• Athletes who want more portability out of their strength training equipment

• Those who need less pressure on their joints

• People who prefer lightweight, non-intimidating exercise gear

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are unfamiliar with band training and exercise techniques

• Those looking for visual display of progress

• People who prefer an unlimited number of exercises to chose from for strength training


• Made of premium quality latex

• Portable and lightweight

• Soft foam handles provide firm grip

• Available in three resistance levels (light, medium, and heavy)

• Dual-guard protection ensures maximum protection for the bands

• Comes in a variety of colors

• Includes a carrying bag for easy portability

American Barbell Covered Resistance BandsLatex30-48"15-135 lbs/band
Champion Sports Latex Resistance BandLatex48"10-50 lbs/band
EliteFTS Pro Strong Resistance BandLatex48"5-140 lbs/band
Perform Better Mini Resistance BandsLatex18"10-20lbs/band

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