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Essential Strength & Conditioning Bundle

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Essential Strength & Conditioning Bundle

The American Barbell Essential Strength Bundle provides a complete setup of equipment needed in order to begin a strength training routine. The bundle includes a 7 foot Olympic bar, Olympic plates of varying weights, a spring collar set, a barbell rack, an adjustable bench, and a rackable curl bar. The 7 foot Olympic bar is constructed of solid steel and knurled in the center with aggressive, finely cut diamond knurling on the sides. The bar has a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs and is compatible with Olympic-sized weight plates. The plate set includes four 45 lb plates, two 35 lb plates, two 25 lb plates, and four 10 lb plates, with each plate having an easy-grip handle for convenient loading and unloading. The barbell rack is constructed from 2-inch x 2-inch steel tubing with a black density chip finish and can hold up to 7 weights. The adjustable bench is constructed of heavy-duty steel and features 2", 3", and 4" thick pads for comfortable and safe positioning. The rackable curl bar is knurled for improved grip and also features a black density chip finish. This bundle provides all the essential strength training equipment for any beginner or experienced athlete looking to set up a quality home gym.

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  • 60lb Bundle

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  • 90lb Bundle

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Pros & Cons


• High Quality equipment - products made of durable steel and guarantee of “lifetime” durability

• Includes everything needed for a comprehensive strength training program - seven pieces of essential gym equipment

• Affordable bundle pricing - combined price is lower than cost of individual pieces

• Customizable - pieces can be swapped and exchanged for different options

• Variety - includes features like curl bar, power rack, and cable machine


• Limited collection - no additional extras like weight benches or power racks

• Limited accessories - no plates or clips

• Price is still somewhat expensive - for more economical options, may want to look at individual pieces or alternative bundles

• Bulky and hard to store - since it is an essential bundle, storage is an issue as it will take up a large space

Who Should Buy

☑ Who Should Buy:

-Individuals who are new to strength training and want to get started

-Individuals interested in improving their overall strength

-People who want a bundle that includes a variety of essential strength training equipment, such as a bench, barbell, and plates

☒ Who Should Not Buy:

-Individuals who are experienced lifters and have their own strength training equipment

-People who don’t have the necessary space to store the bundle’s equipment


- 10ft American Barbell Economy Bar

- American Barbell Classic Bumper Plates (10lb x 10 Plates, 25lb x 8 Plates, and 45lb x 2 Plates)

- Shrug Bar

- Fixed Landmine

- 15 ea. 1" Standard Plates

- TROY Inter-Locking Spring Collars

- TROY Multi-Grip Swiss Bar

- TROY V-Series Lat Pull Machine

- TROY Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

- TROY Dyna-Bell Adjustable Dumbbell

- TROY Competition Kettlebells (18lb, 26lb, 35lb & 53lb)

- TROY Bungee Cord Squat Harness

- Gator Plyo Boxes (20”, 24” & 30” configurable heights)

- TROY Medicine Balls (10lb x 5, 15lb x 2, 20lb x 1)

- TROY Vinyl Dumbbells (5lb x 10, 10lb x 10, 15lb x 8, & 20lb x 6)

ProductWeight RangeWeight IncrementsWeight Gauge
American Barbell Essential Strength & Conditioning Bundle2 - 105 lbs2.5 - 20 lbsPrecision-Drilled Steel
Weider Speed Weight 210 lb Steel Weight Set2 -105 lbs2.5 - 20 lbsSolid Steel
Merax Deluxe Olympic Weight Set2 - 105 lbs2.5 - 20 lbsSolid Steel
3-24 lbs3 - 6 lbsImpact- Resistant Plastic

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