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Hitechplates Technique Plates

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Hitechplates Technique Plates

American Barbell’s Hi-Techplates technique plates are designed to optimize and improve plyometric, speed and agility drills. These 2.5 kg Olympic-style plates are made with a high-density polyethylene that is designed to absorb impact, reducing risk of injury and maximizing the user's ability to complete exercises with perfect form and balance. The plates have a low-profile and cutaway design, allowing the user to grab and lift the plate easily. The Hi-Techplates come in bright, eye-catching colors, making them an attractive and attractive addition to any facility. The videos and tutorials on the American Barbell website also show users how they can benefit from the enhanced equipment, helping you to optimize the drills you complete with the Hi-Techplates. For example, American Barbell suggests performing exercises such as sea-gull hops, scissor jumps and agility hops, which can be completed by anyone regardless of their current level of fitness. As a result, the Hi-Techplates are suitable for athletes and individuals of all ages, offering users the opportunity to reach their training goals more efficiently. The Hi-Techplates are incredibly durable, with a reinforced and impact-resistant design. The plates won’t shatter, crack, or fade over time as a result of long-term exposure to sunlight or moisture, making them a safe and reliable training tool.

  • 5LB Technique Plates (pair, Charcoal/Black)

    In Stock


  • 10LB Technique Plates (pair, Charcoal/Black)

    In Stock


  • 2.5KG Technique Plates (pair, Red)

    In Stock


  • 3.75KG Technique Plates (pair, Charcoal/Gray)

    In Stock


  • 5KG Technique Plates (pair, White/Gray)

    In Stock


  • 2.5KG American Barbell (pair, Charcoal/Black)

    In Stock


  • 5KG American Barbell (pair, Charcoal/Black)

    In Stock


  • 15LB Technique Plates (pair, Charcoal/Black)

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Color-coded for easy identification of different weights

• Squat edges to ensure extra safety during lifts

• Low bounce and minimal noise

• Compact storage design

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Superior grip for better control of the plates


• May be too light for more advanced athletes

• Higher price compared to other plates

• Notes on weight indicated on each plate might wear off over time

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy this Home Gym Product:

• Professional athletes who need high-quality technique plates

• Home gym owners who are looking for reliable, accurate weight plates

• Fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their technique and form

Who Should Not Buy this Home Gym Product:

• Occasional gym-goers who are just looking for basic plates

• People who are on a budget and need less expensive plates

• Those who don’t require the precision offered by this product


- Vibrant colored urethane material

- 320lb set: 8 x 5lb, 4 x 10lb, 4 x 25lb, 4 x 45lb

- Accurate within +/- 10grams of stated weight

- 6 handle cutouts for easy gripping

- Steel core for balanced strength and durability

- Smooth back and edges for safety

- Drop tested at 6ft to ensure quality control

- Dimensions: 5lb - 8" diameter, 10lb - 10" diameter, 25lb- 12.5" diameter, 45lb- 15" diameter

2.5 Kg450 mm20 mm$63
2.5 Kg450 mm17.8 mm$37.99
2.5 Kg450 mm16.5 mm$59.99
2.5 Kg450 mm20 mm$49.99

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