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American Barbell Premium Honeycomb Wall Ball

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American Barbell Premium Honeycomb Wall Ball

/ American Barbell's Honeycomb Premium Wall Ball is designed to offer an effective, durable, and cost-effective workout. The 11" diameter ball features a firm yet soft honeycomb texture that helps improve grip and performance. The heavy-duty construction of the core ensures the ball will last during countless workouts and will not lose its shape due to extreme forces. The wall ball is stuffed with shredded foam and is the perfect size for doing pushups, throws, and slams. The wall ball is available in both 8, 10, and 12 pound weights, allowing users to choose the ideal weight for their workout routine. It is coated in a sleek, semi-textured finish that helps you maintain grip during a wide variety of exercise movements. The wall ball's multipurpose design makes it ideal for a variety of exercises, such as wall slams, wall pushups, throws, and more. Its solid construction and easy-to-use design make it the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym. The Honeycomb Premium Wall Ball by American Barbell is an excellent piece of equipment that will help you upgrade your workout routine.

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Pros & Cons


• Made of durable Construction and double-stitched seams

• Can be used for multiple exercises and fitness activities

• Includes a textured pattern for better grip and control

• Lightweight and easy to transport

• Color options for increased visibility when doing ball slams

• Honeycomb pattern helps minimize direct impact of ball when striking the wall


• Price is quite steep compared to other wall balls

• Can be difficult to find an open wall to use it with

• Due to lightweight construction, may be prone to excessive wear and tear

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes who need to incorporate wall exercises into their strength and conditioning program

• Any gym owner or fitness facility that wants to add a quality, professional piece of equipment to their inventory

• If you need a new and interesting way to work out at home

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who cannot afford the price tag

• People who lack the space to accommodate this piece of equipment

• People who primarily want to use wall balls for recreational purposes rather than for strength and conditioning workouts


- Durable, Textured Vinyl Covering

- Easy-Grip Handle

- Low Bounce

- 22.7” Diameter

- 14.8 LBS Weight

- Premium, Honeycomb Outer Shell

- Color: Black

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