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3x3 Long Support Bar (66") 3x3 Accessory

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3x3 Long Support Bar (66") 3x3 Accessory

/ American Barbell's Long Square Bar is a weightlifting bar designed for strength training. It is constructed from high-grade steel, giving it a robust and resilient frame. The bar features black oxide finished steel sleeves and a straight mild steel shaft with four-needle bearings for smooth spinning. This bar is designed to be whip-resistant, offering optimal stability and balance during workouts. With a total length of 2.2 meters and a loadable sleeve length of 47 cm, the Long Square Bar allows for a variety of exercises. The loadable sleeve length also makes it easier to fit multiple plates. This bar also features a knurling depth of 0.74 mm, allowing for secure grip and preventing slipping during lifts. The Long Square Bar is designed for high-end weightlifting, giving any athlete a safe and reliable bar for intense workouts.


Pros & Cons


• Constructed of high-quality steel with a black oxide finish for increased durability

• lb weight capacity for deadlifts, squats, and presses

• way grip allows user to comfortably grip barbell

• Special knurling helps ensure a secure grip

• Available in multiple sizes and lengths (4’, 5’, 6’, and 7’)


• More expensive than traditional barbells

• Not as rigid as Olympic barbells

Who Should Buy


Reasons to Buy:

- Steel construction provides reliable durability

- Extra length allows for increased range of motion

- Accommodates a wide variety of exercise options

- Includes end caps for added stability

Reasons Not to Buy:

- High price point

- Too large for certain home gyms

- Must be used outdoors

- Not suitable for advanced strength training


• 66" Long

• 3" diameter

• 1,000-lb capacity

• 3 grip areas to choose from

• Matte black zinc coating

• Double-snap ring connection

Comparable ProductWeightShaft DiameterKnurl
American Barbell - 66"25 lbs28.5mmMild
CAP Barbell - 66"28 lbs28.5mmLarge
FringeSport - 66"25 lbs28.5mmAggressive
HulkFit - 54"20 lbs28.5mmAggressive

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