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Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar Cable Attachment

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Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar Cable Attachment

American Barbell's Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar provides a durable, solid performance-grade solution for high-intensity pulldown exercises. This heavy-duty bar is constructed for strength using heat-treated chrome steel and features a 48” length and a 1.11” diameter. The revolving center shaft is designed for a smooth and quiet rotation, making this an ideal accessory for any multi-joint pulldown exercises. The bar offers a knurled diamond pattern grip for extra comfort, giving you the control and support necessary for extended use. The bar also offers a solid rubber head protector to protect valuable gym equipment, while also providing extra grip and stability during exercises. The pulldown handle also provides an adjustable-length cable, allowing you to customize your workouts to your particular gym or level of strength. Overall, this American Barbell Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar is a great choice for the gym. It provides solid strength and durability in a variety of pulldown exercises, and its paddle grip gives you greater control and support during workouts. Additionally, the added rubber head protector offers extra protection for machines, letting you get more out of your workouts without damaging valuable gym equipment.


Pros & Cons


• solid bar provides reliable stability when performing exercises

• Rubber head protector offers comfortable and secure grip

• Adjustable height and length settings allow users to customize their workouts

• Can be used to target different muscle groups

• Easy to switch between exercises


• Shorter bar length not available for those with smaller frames

• No multiple adjustment levels on the height

• Weight of the bar may be too heavy for some users

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Those looking for a high quality, durable bar for exercise and weight fitness

-Those who need a bar with a rubber head protector for preventative safety and comfort

-Those wanting a revolved lat pulldown bar to increase range of motion

Who Should Not Buy:

-Those on a tight budget

-Those looking for a lighter weight bar

-Those not needing a rubber head protector


-Solid steel construction

-48" revolving lat pulldown bar

-Industrial strength chrome finish

-Securely spun 8" hard chrome tubular ends

-1” diameter

-Textured knurling for comfort and enhanced grip

-Ground & polished spin-lock collars

ProductSize (in)Weight (lbs)Weight Capacity (lbs)
American Barbell Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar-Solid (48")4815200
Body-Solid Chrome Lat Pulldown Bar with Revolving Hanger4817150
TAG Fitness Olympic Revolving Lat Bar5214.8250
XMark Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar4818400
Marcy Revolving Straight Bar for Cable Machines4815300

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