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Stackable Rectangular Plyo Box Set

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Stackable Rectangular Plyo Box Set

The Stackable Rectangular Plyo Box Set from American Barbell is a great tool for any athlete or gym looking to add explosive, plyometric power to their workouts. The set includes three stackable boxes of varying heights, allowing you to customize your jump and box height depending on your workout needs. Each box is made of heavy-duty steel and is compatible with any barbell stand or rack. The high-grade construction of these boxes provides stability and long-lasting performance. The surfaces feature an anti-slip powder coated finish for added grip, and soft, rubberized edges for landed protection. The reinforced rubber feet on each box ensure stability during high-intensity exercises. The corners of each box are welded for extra durability. Each box features tapered sides for increased safety and ease of storage. Each box in the set comes with an identification number for easy tracking and organization. As a bonus, this set also includes an American Barbell sticker pack for added customization. Whether you want to enhance your workout routine or improve your gym's safety features, the Stackable Rectangular Plyo Box Set from American Barbell won't let you down. Not only is it strong and durable, it also provides a secure support system that is perfect for any type of fitness activity.


Pros & Cons


• High-quality Construction featuring 12-gauge steel with a contemporary black finish

• Made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

• Stackable and easy to assemble with no tools required

• Fits both standard and Olympic barbells

• Multiple sizes available to accommodate various heights

• Ideal for cross-training, HIIT, and plyometrics


• More expensive than other plyo boxes

• Heavy and not easily portable

• Boxes may stick together during stacking

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who are serious about circuit training

• People who are looking for a sturdy, well built plyometric box set

• Those who are in need of variety with exercising

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are not committed to training

• People who are looking for a cheaper alternative

• Those who are not interested in a durable plyometric box set


• Set of 4 Stackable Plyo Boxes

• Made from crosslinked Polyethylene

• Different heights (20”, 24”, 30”, 36”)

• Heavy-duty construction

• Rectangular design with integral handle and reinforced corners

• Ideal choice for step exercises, box jumps, and other plyometric movements

• Balance plyo boxes securely stacked without any instability

FeatureProduct 1: American Barbell Stackable Rectangular Plyo Box SetProduct 2: XMark Adjustable Plyo BoxProduct 3: Rogue Foam Plyometric BoxProduct 4: Day 1 Fitness Wood Plyo Box
Stainles Steel Pins----
Small Height Range16”-24”15.5 - 22.8”12-18-24”16”-30”16” - 24”
Jigsaw Interlocking----
Non-Slip Platform-
Cushioned Platform----

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