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Track Harness

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Track Harness

The American Barbell Track Harness is a uniquely designed lifting harness that is perfect for those seeking an elevated approach to training. This harness is made with a durable nylon and cotton blend fabric, ensuring longevity and long-lasting comfort. It includes seven individually adjustable straps that distribute weight evenly, with customizable support levels for personalized stability and fit. The two-tone design of the harness ensures that the shoulders and lower back remain secure while the net panel back provides great air ventilation. The light padded braces provide healthy support so that you can train with confidence. A wide variety of anchor points are available for varying workout needs, allowing for a multitude of training options. The adjustable quick-release clasps make it easy to get the perfect fit you need for your training. This lightweight and versatile design fits seamlessly into any gym bag so you can carry your training anywhere you go. The American Barbell Track Harness is an all-in-one solution for those looking to take their workouts to the next level.


Pros & Cons


• Full body suspension training that helps strengthen and tone all muscles

• Can be used for both bodyweight exercises and small weights

• Fully adjustable to fit a range of heights and sizes

• Durable materials for long lasting use

• Easily portable and convenient for home workouts


• Not suitable for heavy lifting as the straps may not hold up

• Irritates the skin upon extended wear

• Expensive compared to alternatives

• Difficulty in fitting if larger than the adult size range

Who Should Buy


- Affordable price point

- One size fits all

- Quick and easy set up

- Heavy duty construction

- Durability


- Limited uses

- Not suitable for beginners

- Requires additional training

- Not good for competitions or events


• 2" Nylon Webbing

• Adjustable & Durable

• Webbing available in Multiple Lengths

• Easy to use Quick Release Buckles

• Professional Heavy Duty Construction

• Strength tested at over 1000 lbs - Breaking Strength

• Lightweight and comfortable design for extended wear

Waist circumferenceCompatible withWeight Rating
19–48 inSquat/bench/deadlift1200 lb
19–53 inSquat/bench/deadlift1000 lb
26–42 inGym fitness, running, swimming11 lbs
Waist circumferenceCompatible withWeight Rating
21–54 inSquat/bench/deadlift1500 lb
19–48 inSquat/bench/deadlift1200 lb
19–53 inSquat/bench/deadlift1000 lb
26–42 inGym fitness, running, swimming11 lbs

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