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Multi-Use Pin 3x3 Component

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Multi-Use Pin 3x3 Component

The American Barbell Utility Pin is a versatile and heavy-duty piece of equipment designed to withstand the stresses of high-intensity weight training. It is made of durable steel with a black finish and features a three-position locking mechanism that allows you to adjust the pin to fit your weight training needs. Its rock-solid construction enables it to handle heavier weights and its maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds. The Utility Pin has a versatile design that can be used for a variety of activities, from squats to deadlifts and more. Its adjustable height is adjustable from 20 - 47 inches in order to accommodate different heights. The American Barbell Utility Pin is perfect for anyone who needs an easy to use, reliable piece of equipment that won’t take up too much space in their gym. It is compatible with many of American Barbell’s barbell systems and is designed to last a long time. This product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and is an excellent choice for any lifter looking to increase the quality and efficiency of their workouts.


Pros & Cons


•Heavy-duty stainless steel Construction

• Utility pin available in multiple sizes

• Ideal for use with a variety of equipment, including weight benches, smith machines, cages, rope attachments, and more

• Supports up to 100 lbs. of weight


• Must be purchased in pairs

• Cannot be used with free standing racks

• Expensive compared to other types of pins

Who Should Buy


Should Buy

• American Barbell utility pins have an extended 5-year warranty, so you can feel secure in your investment

• The pin is made from strong steel, and is incredibly durable, so it can withstand heavy weights

• The pin has a raised lip to prevent weight plates from sticking to it

• The pin is compatible with Olympic-sized weight plates

Should Not Buy

• If you do not strength train regularly or are not looking to lift heavy weights, then this pin may be too advanced for your needs

• The price is relatively high, so this pin may not be a good purchase for those on a tight budget


• Weight plate compatible, 11-gauge steel frame

• Includes spotter arms with rubberized UHMW contact points

• Three solid steel chrome-plated safety bars

• European-style adjustable steel-seated barbell support and two laser-cut 5-position barbell holders

• Dual-use off-set safety catches to secure the barbell

• 3" diameter, steel-hubbed pulley columns

• Low-profile, 39" height design

• Includes two 7.5" x 4" x 4" weight horns to secure weight plates

• Dimensions: 142" L x 83" W x 39" H

• 8 weight plate storage posts with chrome-plated caps

• 12 frame color options

• 4 upholstery color options

American Barbell 3x3 Multi-Use PinXMark Adjustable Spotting PlatformTDS Adjustable PlatformIron Range Adjustable Weightlifting Platform
1,000 lbs550 lbs600 lbs500 lbs
18" to 48"18" to 42"24" to 32"24" to 32"
1,000 lbs550 lbs600 lbs500 lbs