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Versa Loops

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Versa Loops

The Versa Loops from American Barbell are an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easily transportable, versatile workout. They are made up of lightweight and supportive two-inch wide material that is both durable and comfortable. This material holds up against a wide range of exercises and provides effective tension to stimulate muscle growth. The loops come as a pair, each measuring 12 inches in length. The Versa Loops can be used for various activities, including strength training, core exercises, and stretching, providing an additional challenge to the bodyweight movements that are found to be effective in improving fitness levels. The loops are beneficial for athletes of all levels from beginner to advanced, allowing them to adjust the intensity of their workout. The loops are adjustable for an adjustable, tight fit and are great for home use, in the gym, or when traveling. With the loops, you can target nearly all muscle groups for a total body workout. The product comes with an e-book and tutorial videos in order to properly utilize the loops for maximum results. This product is perfect for toning, sculpting, and rehabilitation purposes, with the aid of the extra resistance it provides.

  • Thick XX Light - Yellow

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  • Thick Extra Light - Green

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  • Thick LIGHT - Red

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  • Thick Medium - Blue

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  • Thick Heavy - Orange

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  • Thick EX Heavy

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Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and portable

- High quality Construction

• Available in various levels of strengthening resistance

• Easy to attach and remove

• Can be used for a variety of exercises and workouts


• Limited color and design options

• May be too lightweight for more intense exercises

• Can be difficult to store when not in use

• Can lose resistance over time with frequent use

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable construction that offers robust support for a wide range of exercises

• Versatile product that can be used for stretching, mobility and strength exercises

• Non-slip material helps maintain grip during workouts

• Lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage

Should Not Buy:

• For those looking for powerlifting or Olympic weight-lifting equipment

• Not suitable for users with an injury or condition requiring special equipment

• Not suitable for beginners or those working their way up to an advanced level


- Varying levels of resistance

- Patent-pending Versa Loop design to prevent slipping

- Ideal for deep stretching, warm-up and rehab

- Lightweight and portable

- Available in 1x 2x and 3x sets

- Includes 5 resistance levels

- Foam-covered for comfort

- Durable rubber construction

- Color coded bands for easy identification

ProductResistance RangeFeatures
American Barbell Versa Loops5-25lbsTextured surface for greater grip
BodyRock Monster Resistance Loop10-40lbsHeavy-duty silicone construction
Rogue Fitness Monster Elite Resistance Band<25lbsHeavy-duty latex construction
SKLZ Durability Loop Band10-50lbsDurable and heavy-duty fabric construction
Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Band10-50lbs4x4ft loop size

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