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Weightlifting Chalk Ball

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Weightlifting Chalk Ball

American Barbell Weightlifting Chalk Balls are the perfect way to keep your hands dry and make sure they don’t slip while lifting heavy weights. This chalk ball is made of 100 percent magnesium carbonate, allowing you to get optimal grip and friction during intensity training. This chalk ball is easy to use, pour and store, meaning you can hit your peak performance. The chalk ball also helps to reduce friction on contact surfaces, making it perfect for deadlifts, power cleans, snatch, snatch grip and other Olympic weightlifting movements. This weightlifting chalk is safe to use, non-toxic and odorless. It won't leave any dust or mess behind and it's surprisingly easy to clean up. The compressed magnesium carbonate provides a comfortable grip, giving you 100% natural grip on the bar. Overall, American Barbell's Weightlifting Chalk Balls are an ideal choice for any serious weightlifter. They provide a superior grip, are easy to use and store, and help minimize the chances of slipping or losing your grip.


Pros & Cons


• Provides improved grip

• Extra absorbent

• Dry texture – no mess

• Non-irritating to palms and fingers

• Easy to store


• Might be too drying for some skin types

• May cause itching

• Can be harsh on skin

• Can be messy if not stored or applied properly

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Athletes seeking a stronger grip to optimize their performance in lifting exercises

• Weightlifters looking for an easy-to-use and long-lasting chalk alternative

Should Not Buy:

• Those not looking to make an investment in weightlifting gear

• Those who are not comfortable using chalk as part of sports and fitness exercises


-Material: 100% Magnesium Carbonate Chalk

-Weight: 2oz

-Texture: Fine powder

-Color: White

-Package Contents: 1 Weightlifting Chalk Ball

-Application: Improving grip strength and reducing the effects of sweat during intense workouts

ProductPack SizePrice
American Barbell Weightlifting Chalk Ball1$4.99
The WOD Life Chalk Ball1$5.95
Climbazi Chalk Ball1$6.95
Harbinger Chalk Ball1$9.87