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Concept 2 Bike-Erg - PM5

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Concept 2 Bike-Erg - PM5

The Concept2 BikeErg PM5 is an ergonomic indoor bike with a performance monitor to help you track and measure your progress. It features a flywheel to ensure a smooth ride and minimized resistance, a chain drive system for a more realistic feel, and adjustable resistance levels for maximum intensity. The PM5 performance monitor features easy-to-read performance data, pre-loaded workouts, and allows for data tracking and exporting. An adjustable seat, handlebars, and pedals provide the perfect fit no matter your height. The Concept2 BikeErg PM5 is perfect for those looking to get a full-body workout while striving to achieve their fitness goals.


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Pros & Cons


• Monitors speed, distance, time, calories burned, and power output

• Fully adjustable to fit all body shapes and sizes

• Suitable for different form-factor bikes, including recumbents and road bikes

• Robust frame and ergonomic design for comfort and stability

• Smooth and silent ride with minimal maintenance required


• High purchase price

• LCD monitor needs additional parts for full compatible

• Weight capacity may be a concern for some riders

• Warranty coverage only applies to the machine itself

Who Should Buy


Reasons Who Should Buy:

• Adjustable wind resistance for a realistic biking experience

• Compatible with a variety of apps for tracking improvement

• Monitor included to track performance

• Ergonomic design for maximum comfort while exercising

Reasons Who Should Not Buy:

• Expensive price point

• Not suitable for very tall or short heights

• Limited to indoor use only

• Heavy and difficult to move when needed


•Flywheel design with air resistance

•Adjustable footrests

•Stable and quiet performance

•Multiple customizable programs and games

•Wireless performance monitoring and data storage with PM5 Performance Monitor

•Optional Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity

•Built-in USB port to power accessories

•Integrated interval programming

•Easy assembly and low maintenance design

Monitor DisplayFlywheelResistance SystemBrake Type
PM5Flywheel Weight: 11 lbsMagnetic resistanceClassic magnetic abrupt brake
N/AFlywheel Weight: 10 lbsMagneticClassic abrupt brake
LCD DisplayFlywheel Weight: 16.5 lbsPully and belt-driven resistance systemAir Brake Resistance System
LED DisplayFlywheel Weight: 17 lbMagnetic ResistanceElectromagnetic Braking System
LCD DisplayFlywheel Weight: 10 lbMagnetic ResistanceFriction Free Magnetic Resistance

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