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D-Ball - 100lbs.

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D-Ball - 100lbs.

-2-inch/ The Bridge Built D-Ball 100lbs 2 Inch is a well-crafted, weight-resistant fitness tool used to develop core and balance strength. Made with a durable PU covering and a nickel-plated metal handle, this ball can be used in a range of fitness routines including lifting, lifting and throwing, medicine ball exercises and more. The ball has a round shape, allowing it to perform numerous lifts and throws to work out more upper body muscle groups. Its center handle ensures users can control the ball safely and accurately during exercise. Plus, its textured surface ensures a secure and comfortable grip for regular use. The D-Ball is 100lbs and 2 inches in size, making it suitable for intermediate to advanced level strength training. Although the ball is quite heavy, it should be manageable for most users and can be broken down into smaller workouts for a period of time if needed. With correct usage and maintenance, the ball is designed to last for many years. The Bridge Built D-Ball 100lbs 2 Inch is suitable for a range of home and commercial gyms. It can be used to target specific muscle groups and can be incorporated into a range of workouts and exercises. An ideal tool for anyone looking to build balance and core strength, it can be used on its own or as part of a comprehensive strength workout.


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Pros & Cons


• pound capacity with warm and cool temperature settings

• Compact and portable design – fits into backpacks and travel luggage

• Wi-Fi enabled for remote access via phone, tablet, or computer

• levels of resistance for targeted muscle building

• Safety features such as auto shut-off, auto-stop, and a digital lock

• Large LED display for easy tracking of time, sets, reps, and calories


• Requires wall power – cannot be used without an outlet nearby

• Not compatible with free weight workouts typically used in a gym setting

• No built-in heart rate monitor or calorie-tracking technology

• Connecting to the Wi-Fi may be difficult

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Athletes looking to supplement an existing strength training routine

-Individuals interested in a comprehensive weighted ball workout

Who Should Not Buy:

-Older adults or those with limited mobility

-People unfamiliar or uncomfortable with resistance and weight training


-100lbs design capacity

-Heavy duty 2.5mm steel construction

-Durable powder coat finish

-Top grade industrial grade rubber cover

-Secure foam stitches inside

-Polyurethane dimples for increased grip

-Heavy duty reinforced straps and metal buckle

-Unique double wall design for maximum stability

ProductManufacturerWeight RangePrice
Bridge BUILT D-Ball - 100lbs.Bridge BUILT100 lb$54
Dynamax Soft Shell Medicine BallDynamax6-20 lbs$80
Valeo Medicine BallValeo4-20 lbs$40
SPRI Xercuff Medicine BallSPRI4-14lb$40
Rep Medicine BallRep6-35 lbs$62

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