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D-Ball - 20lb.

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D-Ball - 20lb.

/ The Bridge Built D Ball 20lb is a weight plate designed to help individuals challenge their strength. This workout plate provides a great opportunity to increase strength training intensity. It features a d-shaped design that allows for variation in the type of exercises and movements you can use to challenge your strength. The plate is constructed out of iron with a chrome finish that ensures long-lasting durability and protection against rust or corrosion. The 20 lb weight allows you to use it for a variety of exercises, including squats, clean and jerks, deadlifts, and more. Additionally, the textured surface of the plate provides a secure grip, giving you better control and precision when lifting. This plate is also constructed with an eyelet for easy storage and transportation. Thanks to its durable construction and versatile design, the D Ball 20lb is a great addition to any home gym, making it easier to stay fit and challenge yourself.


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Pros & Cons


• Highly durable

• Ergonomic design

• Small and easy to store

• Available in multiple weight options

• Precise balance of density and rigidity


• Relatively expensive

• Not suitable for advanced exercises

• Only 20lb weight option available

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Ideal for full body training: The 20lb D-BALL is perfect for developing strength, power, and mobility.

• Customizable Design: The adjustable handles make it easy to customize exercises and intensity.

• Versatile and Functional: It can be used for various exercises, such as core training, balance, and plyometrics.

Should Not Buy:

• Too Heavy: If you are a beginner or have limited upper body strength, the 20lb weight may be too heavy.

• Not Compact: The D-BALL is not a compact exercise tool, making it difficult to store or transport.

• Not Budget Friendly: The price of the D-BALL may be too expensive for some people.


• Durable construction suitable for indoor and outdoor use

• 20 lb weight

• Textured surface for enhanced grip

• Dual construction for both outdoor and indoor use

• Easy to store and transport

• Foam padding on handle for comfort

Bridge BUILT D-Ball - 20lb.
20 lb17 lb
Neoprene coated with grip bumpsTextured rubber
No-slip gripTraditional medicine ball design
Strength-training, Cross-trainingPlyometric, stability, core

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