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D-Ball - 30lbs.

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D-Ball - 30lbs.

-set The BridgeBuilt D-Ball 30lbs Set provides a dynamic way to build strength and stability. This set includes two dual-handle Textured D-Balls that offer multidimensional resistance training designed to target multiple areas with each movement. Featuring a rubber shell and a textured surface for extra grip, the D-Balls provide a secure and stable hold regardless of surface or environment. The weight can be adjusted from 10-30lbs in increments of 5 pounds using the removable weight plates, allowing users to customize resistance levels to match their strength and capability levels while performing various exercises. The cut-out design of the weight plates allow for easier cleaning and care of the set and a more secure hold on the posts of the D-Balls. The included chain resistance and adjustable strap allow users to add more tension and resistance to their exercises and targeted areas of their body. The ergonomically-designed handles provide both comfort and a secure grip, perfect for a range of users. For added versatility, use the set as a push-up base, balance training tool, or as a step-up platform. The structural integrity of the BridgeBuilt D-Ball 30 lbs Set is enhanced with the heavy-duty construction and anti-burst technology, making it a secure and reliable option for any level of resistance training.


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Pros & Cons


• Adjustable from 15-30lbs for versatile uses

• Sand-filled for less force and a safer form of resistance

• Compact design makes it easy to store and transport

• Ideal for bodyweight exercises, training, and conditioning


• Relatively expensive costing

• Only goes up to 30lbs so not suitable for heavy weight-lifting exercises

• Can be awkward to handle since its shape is uneven

Who Should Buy


Should Buy

- Affordable home gym tool

- Focuses on shoulder and core workouts

- Suitable for all fitness levels

- Boosts coordination, agility, and strength

- Quality construction and materials

Should Not Buy

- Not suitable for heavy lifts

- Weight may be too light or intense for certain exercises

- Not always compatible with all home gym setups


-Durable rubber construction

-Smoothly contours to the body

-Fully welded double reinforced handles

-30 lb weight

-11.5" diameter

-4.5" height

BUILT D-BallBridge30lbs
Versa BallRage Fitness20lbs
Lite Force KettlebellCAP Barbell10lbs
SandbellGo Fit10lbs

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