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GIANT Spring Collars

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GIANT Spring Collars


Pros & Cons


• Chrome finish that is rust and corrosion resistant

• Black-Zinc finish is corrosion resistant

• MM grip diameter for ultimate comfort when lifting and more control

• Extra knurling at the middle of the bar for easier grip and better power when deadlifting

• LB weight capacity for heavier weights

• Dual-knurl markings for Olympic and Power lifts

- High-Quality and durable steel Construction

• Great for beginners, intermediates, and

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- People who need a reliable barbell for strength training

- Fitness enthusiasts who are on a budget

- Bodybuilders or powerlifters who are looking to increase strength and muscle mass

Who Should Not Buy:

- People looking for a more specialized barbell

- Someone who needs a lighter barbell for advanced Olympic lifts

- Anyone looking to use the barbell for CrossFit or functional training workouts


-Made with steel for superior strength

-Spring design helps to quickly and securely lock into position

-2 inches wide

-Steel handles for maximum grip and easy use

-Extra-long handles to ensure proper leverage

-Weighs approximately 2.45lbs

-Sold as a pair

Giant Lifting GIANT Spring Collar8.4 ozHeavy-Duty$16.99
Clout Fitness Olympic Barbell Collar5.8 ozheavy-duty$29.99
Fringe Sport Olympic Barbell Collar4.8 ozHeavy-Duty$19.98
Rogue Lock Jaw Collar6.8 ozLight-Duty$20.00

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