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GIANT V2 EZ Curl Bar

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GIANT V2 EZ Curl Bar


Pros & Cons


• Highly durable, Constructed from alloy steel

• Includes knurled steel grips for improved grip

• Features a 28” long revolving bar for a wider range of motion and reduced range of motion

• Offers plenty of weight capacity for experienced weightlifters

• Includes rubber end caps to cushion the bar when dropped

• Easy to transport or store


• Limited range of motion compared to traditional free weight bars

• More expensive than regular weight bars

• Not suitable for Olympic lifting exercises

• Not ideal for restricted spaces

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Ergonomically designed to reduce risk of injury

- Ideal for full body exercise routines

- Conveniently knurled handles for easier grip

- Chrome finish to prevent rust

Should Not Buy:

- Not ideal for strength lifts

- Not meant for Olympic-style lifting

- More expensive than similar products


• Length: 47”

• Thickness: 25 mm

• Knurling: Dual Knurling Marks

• Inner Collar Length: 8” /20 CM

• Outer Collar Length: 11”/28 CM

• Weight: 10.5 KGs

• Capacity: 1500 LBS / 680 KGS

30 lbs30 lbs30 lbs
28 cm28 cm27 cm
1500 lbs1000 lbs900 lbs
47 in48 in46 in
Black ZincBlack ZincChrome

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