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GIANT Slim Farmers Carry Handles

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GIANT Slim Farmers Carry Handles


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Pros & Cons


• Easy to assemble

• Lightweight and durable Construction

• Great for full body workouts targeting the arms, shoulders, core and grip strength

• Ideal for use in a home gym, at the gym, or outdoors

• Cushioned foam grip provides comfortable palm and wrist protection during workouts

• Heavy load capacity allows users to challenge themselves with weighted farmer carries


• Pricier than other types of farmer carry handles

• Some assembly required

• Not suitable for performing exercises other than farmer carries

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Heavy duty construction to withstand repeated use

- Comfortable, ergonomically designed handles for extended use

- Convenient and easy to store

- Versatile, can be used for a wide variety of strength and conditioning exercises

Should Not Buy:

- Expensive price point

- Sizing may not be suitable for all users

- Limited stability when using with weight


• Ergonomic grip design

• Low profile allows for maximization of range of motion

• Constructed from industrial-grade stainless steel

• Comprised of 2 x 10” long round handles

• Wall thickness of 1.4mm

• Handle diameter of 30mm

• Includes two Olympic spring collars to secure weights

Giant Lifting GIANT Slim Farmers Carry Handles8.5 lb5 ft500 lbs$44.99
Outsunny Ultra Heavy Duty Steel Farm Handle7.5 lb4.7 ft600 lbs$39.99
DgSports Farmer Carry Handles7.7 lb5.1 ft400 lbs$49.99
All American Steel Handles5.6 lb6 ft300 lbs$29.99

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